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Eternal Twilight v1.0.9 is LIVE!

Version 1.0.9 is LIVE!
This version hopefully puts an end to some annoying bugs that have plagued the game since I switched over to the STB system back around v0.5 or so.

Unexpected Token U (what I like to call the #$@#$@!#@% bug!)
  • Forced Actions and the STB plugin that I'm using don't like to play nicely with one another. This sometimes led to the game randomly crashing during certain boss fights when a boss would go and try to use a Forced Action command.
  • It was very hit or miss though, and it took a long time to figure out exactly how or WHY it was even happening.
  • I have completely removed all forced actions from the game, so I'm hoping that this finally puts this stupid bug to rest once and for all!

Stacking Debuffs (Defile, Static Cling, Corrupted Blood, etc)
  • These buffs were behaving strangely whenever a player would wipe to a boss and then selected the "RETRY BOSS" option.
  • Fixing this bug was a win/lose type situation. To fix the weird bug, I had completely remove the "retry boss" option after getting knocked out on a boss fight, and forcing the player to spawn in another map to completely wipe away the lingering debuff stacks, which would sometimes cause the game to crash.
  • I also added a few fail safes to guarantee that the debuff ALWAYS resets to 0 stacks upon re-initiating combat.

  • Slime enemies will now properly die when they...well, you know...DESTRUCT THEMSELVES. :p


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The boss was noticeably easier for me since I had to update to 1.09 due to the bugs I encountered. Too bad the map hp is 9999 :-(.
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