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Eternal Twilight v1.1.0 is LIVE!

Hello everybody! I am EXTREMELY excited to announce a giant content patch for Eternal Twilight! Check out the many changes below:

=== Seraph Dungeon - Optional Content ===
  • Do you have the skill to defeat the super bosses of the Seraph Dungeon...?
  • Doing so will unlock the game's TRUE ENDING!
  • The new dungeon has a plethora of powerful rewards and a handful of new Trophies to acquire!

=== Bug Fixes and Other Changes ===
  • I have solved the issue that causes your save file to get excessively larger as your playtime increases. Save and load times should be drastically shorter than before!
  • There are now a total of 4 save file slots. The 4th slot is a dedicated AUTO-SAVE spot, where the game will automatically save at certain intervals.
  • A new "DAMAGE METER" has been added to the battle hud. This can be turn on after purchasing a special item from FERNY within the Runecrafting Shrine.
  • Battles have been optimized to have MUCH less lag than before!
  • The Enclave got a small makeover.
  • SOUL AUGMENTS are no longer randomly acquired at the Soul Forge. Instead, you may use Soul Fragments to purchase whatever augments you want!


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Do I have to start over or can I use my save file to access the new content?
You can use your old save file. The first time the "Auto-Save" feature kicks in will have a bit of a lag to it, since it's cleaning up your save file, but after that, it should be 100% good to go! :)
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