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So polished and has tons of cool features!

  • Starmage
  • 04/19/2018 08:40 AM
Hi everyone! Welcome to my review for Eternal Twilight by Fernyfer775! This game has already got me hooked due to its story-line being reminiscent to my previous game, that is the witch-hunting theme and setting. This game is extremely polished and everything is well-executed. Battles are the best part of this game, honestly.

First Impressions:

I was already hooked by its atmospheric music and setting. I'm already loving the vibe from the intro, where we get introduced to the antagonist. I think that everything is well-presented and the transition between events are really well done. :)


The story revolves around the idea that the Magi (A group of magic users) are being hunted down by the Imperials, "Devil Worshipers", so they say. It really reminded me of my previous game, which is why I immediately got hooked and I know that I'm going to love the story. You play as Luna who happens to find herself entangled in the struggle of a White Magi named Damien. After knowing the cruelty of the imperial soldiers towards the Magi, Luna decided to help them instead and become a part of their resistance force against the Imperials and the antagonist Empress. I seriously love the characters and their interactions with each other. Trish is the most entertaining of them all, with how she interacts with the rest of the cast (To Ryudo, most especially). There are a number of funny NPCs that you can talk to, which is always a nice touch in any RPG game, making exploration worth the while.


The battle mechanics in this game are just beyond amazing!! It has lots of interesting features and each character has their own unique battle mechanic! The action sequences are superb and very well presented! Eternal Twilight's gameplay has proved that you can do wondrous things with RMMV's battle system. My most favorite of them all is Damien's interesting twist in White Magic, I just loved the damage + healing mechanic in his skill. Trish also has a very cool elemental stance system that will allow you to choose between stances such as: Water (MP-based), Fire (Damage-based), Earth (TP-based), and Wind (All target-based). Each of Trish's stance gives all her magic different kinds of boosts depending on the stance. There's also a soul-boost system that you can activate for the party and receive some great performance in battle. This game has so much passion and effort put into its battle system, and it has wonderful and super cool battle sequences to back it up.


It uses mostly RMMV RTP, but they are well-used and the mappings are actually really good! I also love the interior designs in this game. The battle HUD and UI are also very great and vibrant. The crimson windowskin used is very beautiful as well. I can see some very nice usage of particle and picture overlay effects in the maps and battles, which is always a great touch.


Music are very fun and upbeat to listen to. The battle theme is sweet. All the music used seems to fit well with every events they are used in. Some of the music sometimes even sounds jazzy and funky, which I really enjoyed.


This game is a MUST play if you're looking for an RMMV game that stands out. The battle system has so much love and passion put into it, and the story/characters are well written. There are tons of cool features in the game and lots of item choices that you can choose to equip. It's a great fun game that will keep you hooked for a long time! I am confident enough to give this a well-deserved 5/5!! ^_^