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Quest for SOFA is a short RPG created for the MVLympics. We find our four standard heroes as regular people in the modern day, trying to get home after a long weekend. But getting to the SOFA is never so simple. Make your way through four scenarios and overcome unusual odds to reunite and return to the start.

This game combines comedic dialogue with simple but diverse combat. With a limited selection of weapons and skills each character is able to focus on offense or support, fight alone and fight as a group. Or get beat up. Quest for SOFA is made mostly with RTP resources and minimal changes to script.

Advice to players: The game is challenging and grinding is not an easy solution. Take it slow. Use up your MP and your TP whenever you can. Don't waste your items, but do use them. Buy lots of Bliss and Glee at the mall. Sometimes you need to confuse the enemies and let them hurt each other. I was able to beat version 1.0 and version 1.01 is a little easier.

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  • 11/14/2015 04:38 AM
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  • 11/15/2015
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the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Downloading and subbing for updates, gonna give this a shot!

edit: Not sure if it's MV or something, but the game is incredibly laggy for me and I couldn't continue. :(
I might try this again in a little while, but for now I'm moving on.
Downloaded this today. For some reason, 2nd scene where you control the Fighter (with the Kick skills) after the first fight with the 2 (Back) enemies, you keep walking and then the game like freezes her in place in that long hallway.
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