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Episode 1 of my failed experiment in making the simplest game I could. What it lacks in solid gameplay, it makes up for in charm.

My games prior to this one were notorious for being ambitious and buggy and messy. Starlancer Six is clean, simple and reasonable.

It's the story of a young girl who inexplicably obtains magical powers which she uses to attack and destroy the dark world. This was intended to play out like a 13-episode anime series, but I lost interest in it shortly after completing episode one.

Still, it's a fun little diversion. I think you'll enjoy it. And if you've ever wondered what the bridge between Ara Fell and Rise of the Third Power is, this is it.

You'll notice some annoying game design flaws with the dungeon; you can't tell what switches did when you use them, and you can't tell which doors are locked until you try them.

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  • 09/19/2006
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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
This looks interesting REFMAP instantly drew me in
Well, the idea seems well, but:
There are so many houses, streets and ways in the dungeon that you don't know where to go. Two real mazes.
Main Street, house before East Street, when entering the right up room a faceset is missing.
Main Street warp to West Street finally worked after several trying.
Shrine Area: Up and down is crazy: Entering a building puts you in places you never expected (entering the orphanage too).
You can leave the school via emergency exit, but not enter it!
Sewer dungeon after the collaps of the temple. I tried to use the gateway with two skulls before it and was back in the city and couldn't move.

When fighting, your attacks aren't working when the enemy attacks first or during your attack. With the wrong stance this could kill you. Just set active to wait or something like that.
Yeah, the attacks not working is a weird bug with RM2k3. Your auto attacks should basically just be used to power up your Special move anyway, and the gauge fills up regardless of whether or not the attack actually lands.

As for the bugs, I only posted this by request. I fixed a few before uploading, and took a few minutes to try to clean up the writing a little, but I'm probably not going to be working on this any more. Thanks for pointing them out, though.
Holy shit! I remember this game from YEARS ago!!! (It was also one of Strangeluv’s personal favorites of yours.)

I’m glad that you decided to post this game up again from the depths of project hell...even if it ended up ultimately getting cancelled in favor of Ara Fell finally seeing the light of day (which isn’t quite a bad tradeoff to me, IMO, lol). It was this game along with Ara Fell that I really enjoyed from you as a whole, as Tarion Star and Rise Of The Third Power just didn’t grab me as much as those other two games did. But, hey, that was quite a long time ago, so maybe I might have a better appreciation for them now if I ever decide to go back and revisit them again.

I’m definitely going to relive the memories tonight by playing this game again… Perhaps I also might give it a review too, since it is on the short side of things and I should have a bit free time tonight after the hockey game’s over – so yeah!

Welcome back, Starlancer Six. :)
Sure, go for it, I'd love to see a review. I tried to clean up the writing a little and fix a couple bugs I found, so it should be pretty clean...
Oh my, Starlancer! I loved this game, always wished for more.
This game really was an experiment, and little else. Worth the time I spent on it, but not worth continuing, unfortunately. I'm glad you were able to enjoy it, though.
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