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Download/screenshots: http://shadowsofdarkness.webs.com/game-download

WEBSITE: www.shadowsofdarkness.webs.com

Shadows of Darkness is a 2D online RPG that is created using Xtremeworlds Engine made by Bradyok. It is a medieval game with a variety of weapons, armors, helmets, shields, accessories, and spells. It boasts a decent sized world that will always be added to explore with many quests to complete with more being added. Admins will host events, have free giveaways and take any idea's player's may have to better the game! You can create a guild and make plenty of new friend's! The game is Player Vs Player or you can train on a huge variety of boss's and monster's throughout the game! The game Administrators will always be adding new content to the game such as, map's, Gear, Spells, Quests, and plenty of other in game item's. Give it a try and make new friend's! Shadows of Darkness is made up of 4 Classes to choose from during the start of the game. Classes Start out with level 1 stats across the board. So each class starts with - 1 Strength, 1 Defense, 1 Speed, and 1 Magic. Whatever class you pick, you can be a Wizard or a melee. weapons are based on strength level, armors are defense level, helmets are speed level, shields are defense level, spells are magic level, staffs are character level, bows are strength level and Buff Spells are Character level.

1. Hunter - Male

2. Angel (F) - Female

3. Blacksmith - Male

4. Pixie (F) - Female

Game-Maker: Husky Jerk

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