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Re-emergence from Hiatus, 7/1/2009

Wow, hard to believe I haven't worked on this game in about half a year. A lot has changed since then, with life events and all.

Anywho, I'm on vacation for the next few days from work, and may finish this game up then. I left off with basically the last dungeon to complete, so I'd say I'm around 90% done, only because there's probably some additional stuff I have planned going in that isn't yet.

So yeah.. about 90% done now. As the one and only review of the demo says so far, the first dungeon is rather basic. Definitely not the theme throughout the rest of the game!


Progress 12/15/2008

We're only 15 minutes into the 15th, but I've made a fair deal of progress so far..

-Gotten about 30% of the game mapped out.
-Have changed from non-random battle events to just straight-up random battles.
-More ideas are brewing as well.. to be discovered by whoever plays the game when it is finished!

I'd say overall completion is somewhere around 25-30%.


Progress, 12/02/2008

Well, my blog entries here will probably be short primarily, but with the first bits of constructive criticism, I've taken the following actions:

-Expanded the intro a bit to include clues on where to go (this expansion actually ended up giving a little backstory on one of the in-town NPCs as well)
-Title work is expected to begin soon.. hopefully finished tonight if I can find something good to use.
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