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New DEEP 8 Demo now available!

Please download the new demo and leave me your feedback!

also follow the new twitter: https://twitter.com/Deep8game
and instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deep_8_game/

content coming soon.:)


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Just wondering, is this demo compatible with old saves?
I highly doubt that, since the new demo features completely new mechanics and graphics (facesets etc.), but don't take my word for granted.
Well, I'll give it a go during the next days I think.
I've just downloaded it. Looks like such a phenomenal amount of effort has gone into this game, it's quite awe-inspiring. I'll let you know my thoughts!

I dunno exactly how the saves work, sometimes. But mostly I wouldn't recommend using old ones.


Looking forward to your feedback!

@Little Wing Guy

Thanks. Would really appreciate some feedback!
This game is actually bonkers. I know plenty about RM2K3, and how it works, but even I can't quite fathom the amount of meticulous detail this game has.

Of course, I plan to give detailed thoughts, but I literally don't know what to say about it at the moment.
@Little Wing Guy

Well, for my upcoming crowdfunding campaign, I'd need some good reputation. Maybe a rating or even recension would help. :)
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