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Website page: http://sharedmadnessgames.com/the-indigo-illusion/

This is my first game! It is about two hours in length. The game's been extensively tested but please feel free to report any bugs or errors you find and I'll fix them right away. The game also contains multiple sensitive topics. If you have questions in regards to this or anything else, please contact me. I'm always willing to chat!

The Indigo Illusion is a tale of empowered teens solving a mystery. It's a game that explores friendship, love, death, loneliness, sexuality, gender, religion, and more. This game is a character driven, narrative experience in which choice is paramount. It is about real, human people struggling with societal constraints, insecurity, and relationships. It's not flashy, it's messy and true.

You move into your new apartment on the first week of classes as a college freshman and find that you and other residents of your building have begun to experience strange things. You all might just be crazy.

Meet new friends
Explore the human condition
Find out the stuff dreams are made of
Be a teenager and solve a mystery
Learn something about yourself and me at the same time
(Real gameplay features):
Talk to people
Explore and interact with environments
Puzzles! (sort of)
Basically lots of talking
Seriously, conversation

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I'd say this game, like, had good moments, and could be an eh ish or okay game part way through. I mean, I really enjoyed the quotes in there that I never saw, read, or heard before. Plus, it's much clearer why this game's name is "The Indigo Illusion"
after playing through the game. Pretty much a neat game.
So, I love this game so far! But... I've think I've caught a frustrating bug xD

After the room were you pray for the lost souls(At the tombstones) and after I choose two partners to go into the adjacent doors, all I get is darkness. Is that an error, or do I need to do something other? I've rebooted the game but that didn't help. I wanna finish this ughhhhhhhhh. xP Help?
This game is amazing!!! I loved the personalities of the characters and his own stories, I liked the dynamic of the game, the way you know each character the way of choosing how make relationships! I had a strange feeling, that this game is the life itself :3 (Sorry for my bad english and thanks for doing it!)
started playing today, seems interesting so far...but after entering the room with two doors in the dream after the...black haired guys's (I'm TERRIBLE with names) I chose to go with the blonde...and the game broke, I can't interact with anything or continue as far as I can tell

Edit:Also, I'd suggest putting in some way to reset the block puzzles, It's annoying to have to go all the way to the beginning of a day if I fuck it up.
I really like it, its good! I can't progress after being in Scarlets dream with the two doors however. I can't continue, so if you can, please fix it! :D
It's been quite a long time since the day this game has been realeased but...I've just finished it! And it was really good!
It was...not sad, just..it makes you reflect a lot. Probably a lot of people relates to some of the situations the characters are going through, and I especially can relate to Victoria. I suppose I'll think about what I've seen here, though I don't know how much it'll help me

Oh, and I found a bug, but I don't remember where. There was a point where there were some shelves and you could climb and walk on them (nothing much anyway, you couldn't fall from the map or something). Maybe I'll play it again to see exactly where it was. Are there any other endings?
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