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Dani is cursed. He cannot die.

Suri is cursed. She will forever be asleep.

They both loved each other. But fate steps in their way.

Set in modern day Beserah, a quaint fishing town, player will assume the role of Dani, an aspiring writer living a normal life, as his somewhat normal life has been turned upside down by a fateful encounter. During his supposedly happy wedding, the world was engulfed in darkness and an ancient creature awoke from its long slumber. On that day, everything changed for Blake as his dark past started to haunt him back, taunting him to fight for his own fate.

The game will feature a huge variety of characters designed by me and incorporated the Charge Turn Battle System by Yanfly which would implements tactical strategy.

This is my first ever game project that I'm really hoping would get completed. I've been drafting the storyline and designing the characters since two years ago. You can find me on Deviantart and also on Tumblr for more updates on this project.

Latest Blog

Update #1

Hello, everyone!

So this will be my first update on the game. I would really appreciate any kind of comments and critiques from you guys. I'm quite new to this game-making thing so please, PLEASE leave any kind feedback so that I can improve my skill.

The title screen has been completed! Yay! Thanks to Moghunter(Atelier RGSS) for making such an awesome plugin! I use the Title Picture Commands plugin to make the command and I must say, I love it!

There isn't much progress on the mapping. Right now, I've only been using the standard tileset provided with RMMV and TileE trees by Celianna for mapping. I'm such a slow mapper. *cry*

So that'll be all for the first update. I really hope that you guys would leave a feedback or two. Thank you for reading!
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The art work is beautiful. I can't wait to try this game. Subbed.
What's the scoop, troop? Hiatus is sort of a code word for dying, which I hope this isn't.
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