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Have at this new demo!

  • Marrend
  • 03/18/2016 01:37 PM
As I mentioned on my status, this release still doesn't include much story. It's still very much a tech-demo.

Maybe I'm being silly, but, I really like how Lenneth's call for reinforcements is working. Also, I don't recall if it was done last release, but, the ripped music has been tossed in favor of pieces by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech. Though, I must admit that the old music still has a place in my heart this game as far as concept is concerned.

Of particular concern is game-balance, as always. Again, the majority of my playtesting has been in the fight against Lenneth, and there was certainly at least one test-play where one of my mechs was downed. It was a strange feeling of both accomplishment (as a developer) and annoyance/failure (as a player).

I'm not really sure what I'll do for the mech graphics. Probably nothing, as I'll totally admit that they were made on the cheap, and I'm embarrassingly proud of how they turned out.

Anywho, give this humble release a go, let me know what you think, and all that good stuffs!


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Guardian of the Description Thread
I'm currently toying with a few ideas. Maybe this could be it's own blog? Whatever. Here goes anyway.

  • "End turn" commands
Getting the exact context might be a bit tricky, but, the basic concept is that if a character both moves and attacks, they use the "Wait" command to end the turn. If a character acts or moves, the player may use the "Recharge" command to end the turn "early", and restore 15% of that character's maximum energy. If a character neither acts nor moves, the player may use the "RECHARGE!" command (this is a temporary name until I can think up of a better one), end the turn "early", and restore 30% of the character's maximum energy.

Enemies, on the other hand, have a flat recharge rate of 7% per turn, regardless of what they do, or don't do. The plan is to make it an even 10% for future demos and because it looks nicer/cleaner.

  • Changing the damage formula?
While this probably means re-balancing skills and enemies for the Nth time, the thought occurs to me to maybe use a different damage formula altogether. As of the current demo, the damage formula is, basically, the standard BASE_VALUE + (4 * a.atk) - (2 * b.def). The formula I'm thinking of replacing it with (that takes more than a bit of inspiration from the Heroes of Might and Magic series) would look more like BASE_VALUE * (1 + (a.atk - b.def) / 20). I might also throw out variance, but keep the probabilities of critical hits.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Download updated! The "End turn" commands seem to work the way they should, and the new damage formula has been applied!

Though, I'm still concerned about how hard enemies hit you, particularly with low-end enemies like Scouts and Engineers. Their attacks still don't quite seem threatening enough. Though, to be fair, Engineers aren't necessarily supposed to have threatening attacks. Their threat lies in that they keep everybody else alive and have the energy to attack.

Anyway, I might not be able to work on this for a bit. However, that doesn't mean that feedback won't be welcome!
Guardian of the Description Thread
Copy-paste from this post:

I'm not sure how, or why, it's happening, but, during a debug session in regards to the "damage multiplier" concept, I was noticing a really weird thing. For reference, the value is obtained...

m = 1.0 + ((atk_p - def_p) * 0.05)

...this way, with some extra code thrown in for a cap and ceiling. With the skill in question, "atk_p" was 14, and "def_p" was 0, but, the return value was something like 1.70000002? I didn't notice other skills that had a "def_p" of 0 also do this, which makes it even more awkward. Though, I kinda doubt how much it matters, given the value in question!
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