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Hello guys! We just reached +1000 DOWNLOADS! That's a great goal! :D
This is possible thanks to you, players! You rock!
I'm working on a new trailer of the game for the english release. It's a bit late, I know, but whatever.
A new version will soon be released too. I'm fixing some bugs and translation errors, but nothing more, don't worry.
See ya!


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Well deserved! Please make more games dude! Theia ROCKS!
Congratulations. I reached this milestone a little while ago (for total downloads), however it took me seven years rather than about seven months! Well done.
Congratulations! Well deserved. I'm excited to hear about your next project! ;-)
Congratulations, well deserved ! Know that Theia is worthy to be proud of :D
Those downloads are more than deserved!!! Theia is awesome under all aspects!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope we will see more fantastic games as Theia from you Lollo!
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