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Update - August 2020 - German release

Hi guys! Theia will soon be available in GERMAN language! This translated version of the game has now entered its testing phase! Stay tuned ; )

The GERMAN version of the game is finally here!
Thanks a lot to SuperSebbl and his wonderful team of translator for the great job!
And don't forget to join the discord server! We're now more than 100 members, and we have a "german language" section too : )


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Wow! That's good news! Even in German now?! Theia will be even more popular!!! Congrats Lollo :)
Thank you! The credit goes to SuperSebbl and his team of german translators ^__^
They did a wonderful job! It took only one year to make this tranlsation (we took 4 to make the game in english after the original italian release XD)
Post updated. The game is finally available in German, now! :D
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