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The Puppet is old project of mine, released for RMN Release Something Day V!

Estimated Duration: 2 hours~
Year developed: 2004-2005
Runs without the program: Yes!

Plot Synopsis:
After retiring from the ranks of Dragon Warriors, Ansem has spent the past years with his family in small
village of Kryma in northern Noviceth. As the young man is starting to long for the adventures he once shared with his comrades Kirke and Joshua, a strange dream starts to plague Ansem night after another. Ansem sets out for a jorney to find out the cause of this strange nightmare, and discovers abrupt revelation overseas, in the frigid kingdom of Kryma. As Ansem returns to Noviceth after discovering this strange burden he finds the land struggling in hands of sudden turmoil.

Alert: This game is broken, tedious and horrid in every imaginable way.

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RMN sex symbol
OMG Ive been waiting for this since Epiphany Gaming!
downloaded your game which looks brill but im stuck on 1st puzzle in the mountain cave any ideas how to solve it
Devil's in the details
Do you mean the statue puzzle? I'll PM you the answer for now, if some people still actually want to solve it themselves.
Devil's in the details
In case you didn't receive the PM, the solution is:
Top left: Advocate
Top right: Advocate
Middle left: Apostate
Middle right: Apostate
Bottom left: Advocate
Bottom right: Apostate
just finished playing your game,loved it are you going to make a sequel
My mind is full of fuck.
Devil's in the details
My mind is full of fuck.
Mu hahaha.
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