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The Gods. For years they have controlled the human race. Until Icyis, Goddess of Nature, tryed to change all that. She formed a rebellion against all gods unwilling to relinquish their power over humans. Unfortunately Paroh, God of Law, and his army of angels forced Icyis through Hell's Gate. She is now a prisoner of Forara, Keeper of Hell's Gate. The only way Forara would release Icyis is if someone would take her place. This hope drove the Memsai, Icyis' followers, for years. This hope was all they had. Sadly, Paroh and his army guard Hell's Gate to this day.

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Makin' a New Game

Well because Icyis broke I started a new game. It's called Sweet Symphony, and basically the main character is a muse who can control music to perform spells. He can only use fire though, and I'm thinking that more muses will come in with different elements soon. I'll get some cut scenes up soon for it so I won't be typing this on this blog.
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  • 12/19/2008 06:52 PM
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