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What is Clarity's Edge?

Clarity's Edge is an oldschool RPG at heart, however modern ideas and design principles have been implemented to create a deep play experience. Clarity's Edge is our first project at Deadbird Productions, and the Demo / Open Beta is now available through our website as well as the links below. Check back regularly for updates, new screenshots, character profiles, and all things related to Clarity's Edge.


War is brewing and no one can put their finger on why. The Oedalian Military has begun excavations, delving into the soil all over the world of Alteia, even daring to enter enemy lands. The reason for their tireless searching remains a mystery to even the highest orders of Knights. In the shadows, a sinister warlock is executing an insidious hunt for a powerful artifact, utilizing anything and everyone he can to accomplish his malevolent task.
The story begins on the fateful eve of a magical calamity that renders the Ildris Hills of Oedalia nothing but a crater. A thunderstorm rages, strange magic fills the skies, and the air is thick with possibilities. Only two people survive the cataclysm, you and another young man. As the tale unfolds, you become aware that your destinies are linked, that the bonds of friendship can be stronger than any force in the universe, and that some causes really are worth dying for. When times are the darkest, even the most stalwart heroes will face tough decisions that can take them right up to clarity's edge. Are you ready to lead your band of adventurers?

The World

The world that you're stepping into when you play Clarity's Edge is called Alteia. It is comprised two continents, Omonos, a smaller continent to the south that is considered cursed, and a gargantuan supercontinent called Azeria. Control of the continent of Azeria is divided up among several major powers: The Kingdom of Oedalia, a land of plains, lakes, and rivers, where something dark is brewing near Lakeshire Township. The Dastian Empire, a small yet powerful country that was built on the backs of its miners. The Republic of Danacia, a forested nation where chivalry still lives. The Elven Kritarchy of Nadir, the desert provinces where judges rule through wise deliberation. The Corporate Principalities of Phaedan, arctic territories where massive Elven-run trading companies battle for resource superiority. The Allied Tribes of Hjaalnir, an icy realm where barbarians that celebrate acts of valor wage constant battle with shadowy forces. The Free States of Aradeen, a barren land where a mysterious guild of thieves holds more sway than many would think. The People's Republic of Nysenia, a country carpeted by dense jungle where Orcs and Elves have struck a tenuous truce. The Holy Aetherian Empire, a forested hinterland where a fanatical Elven religion has taken control of the government. Lastly, the Celestial Empire of Rafan, where a powerful lich disguised as a deified Emperor rules with a rotting fist enclosed in a gauntlet of iron.

Trouble with Saving / Options?

This is a common issue that is caused by Windows. You don't have the rights to create files in the Program Files directory. Simply Right-Click the game and Click: "Run as Administrator" and then shake your fist at Microsoft with quiet rage. You will now be able to Save your progress and access the Options Menu normally.

Credits and Special Thanks

This is a credit and special thanks to anyone that has provided a Plugin, Resource, Tutorial, or form of support to the development of Clarity's Edge, we love you guys!

Plugin Credits:
Yanfly Engine Plugins, Necessarily, Zael, Hime Works, Galv, Moghunter, Dekita, Modern Algebra, Estriole, Soulpour777, Yoji Ojima, Sasuke Kannazuki, Vlue, Maliki79, Shaz, Lyson, Alistair Plugins, SilverDash, PrimeHover, Terrax, Kaus, Amuseum, Tyruswoo

Resource Credits:
Zael, Yanfly, PandaMaru, Flirion, Moghunter, Galv, Aekashics, Bokuo, Avy, Haydeos, Thalzon, Nanokan, Petschko, BaronBanana, Chalkdust, Chiara, Cvrtis, DBDragoner, DoctorMolotoc, Esziaprez, Firgof, FSM, Indrah, Lazhiral, Marchen, MrBum, Screech, Slimmmeiske2, Soryn, StrangeDragon99, SythianBard, TheHarmp, Zyphli, BonBon, Knight9910, ooKM, Ails, ObsidianDawn, 7soul1, IceDragon, Enterbrain, Kadokawa.

Music Credits:
Presence of Music, Kairi Sawler

Special Thanks:
Yanfly, Drifty, Echo607, SumRndmDde for their awesome work for the community!

NathanielH, BentonH, TrevorS, PamelaR, RobertR, RichardB, JoanB, EmilyL, AmyL, DerekG, RachelG, MatthewP, NateB, KyleS, ChadrickN, JohnM, KirkE, JacobN, AndrewB, AdamB, KentF, CarolineC, AndresP, CraigC, my play-testers, supporters, and friends without whom this game would not be possible.

Latest Blog

I'm still alive and working!

I've had a few major set-backs in Development, but I am still working. Allow me to elaborate:

To give you some context, I live in Texas and we are currently in the middle of our monsoon season. It has been flooding in some areas of the state, and raining a lot. Basically this time of year it storms all the time. I also suffer from both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, both of which makes your joints ache when the weather is bad. As if this time of the year wasn't bad enough, something really terrible happened. I almost lost my project completely.

So...I had a major crash that got into my main hard drive, primary backup, and even my secondary backup when the apartments next to ours were struck by lightning about a month and a half ago. Thankfully no one was in the other apartment and no one was injured, but I did lose a lot of work when the power surged. I was using a Surge Protector, but that much energy being discharged that close to the device went right above and beyond what it was designed to take. Roughly two months of work gone, poof. I had to start my computer from a restore point a good ways back, wade through driver issues and a host of other problems just to get my computer working again.

I have finally recovered the project using a third party recovery program, and am taking a short break while I order my thoughts and get myself mentally prepared to resume working.

As you can imagine, even though I have recovered the work that I've lost, there are a lot of my plugins that need updating, new plugins to install, and an RPGMaker MV update has come out. Additionally I've been writing the story content during this time, so I have to get my mind back to a place in the early game.

I thank you all for following this project, it is by no means dead, and I look forward to bringing you more content soon.

Have a wonderful day, and if you're gaming may all your loots be phat!

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  • 04/05/2016 08:59 PM
  • 09/19/2016 02:20 PM
  • 09/01/2016
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Pages: 1
Just played your game demo and I have to say it's definitely the best MV game I've played so far - can't wait to play more !!!
Thanks for the positive feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

The second segment is almost done, around one or maybe two more weeks til it is ready. It is about two to three times the length of the first segment, so it is taking a bit longer than expected.
Hmm, we tried your game, and everything went fine... except we could not save. When approaching a save crystal, we selected the slot to save the game, instead of saving we got a buzzing "error" sound. Also we got a script error when you exit the options menu with the escape key from the title.
If you get the Save or Options crash bugs, all you have to do is Run the Game as an Administrator when you play it because Windows isn't letting you create the Save or Options File in Program Files because you don't have the rights.

It is a Windows issue, and the single most reported bug I get, but fortunately it is an easy fix. :)
Gave it a try since it seemed interesting, I will put my opinions on how the combat feel and any bugs I may encounter. I'm harsh and anti-final fantasy so don't take it personally but to make a better game.

-http://puu.sh/oaJG5/e2d122ab17.jpg cancel in options
-Mouse stops working when clicking website and going back to game, probably by not being full screen anymore, alt+enter doesnt work either. This only happen in menu, it work again fine after.
-You don't need to put credits right at game start, Soulpour777 also copy paste a lot of Moghunter scripts, and what you're using from him is probably his. Be very careful if you're going to credit him.
-Galenmereth mouse plugin allow you to use mouseover on menu/choices instead of clicking once to over it then reclicking it to confirm(very awkward).
-Cannot save on the first crystal, have you play tested or it's intended? It confuses the player if it is intended.
-Don't put an empty skill type right away as it waste the player time, just put it when a skill of that type is learned, there are a few plugins that allow you to change the battle commands.
-A weak Dark Magic spell. How weak? There is a plugin that can make you apply a formula in the description to tell the player how much damage minus target def it will do.
-Wasnt I supposed to be a melee tank? Why do I have spells and Filaris has a Taunt?
-Miss, sdfsdjfjksdfj my worse nemesis, RNG.
-So what is the difference between Ember and Dark besides the animations? There is a cooldown so Im just spamming between the two here since I think it does more damage than attack and 2 mana is basically free.
-It is not clear why Rellik cannot equip any runes
-Some spells take way too much time to cast, for example Cure took like 5 seconds
-Encounters every 5 steps, ugh
-Critical Hits do way too much damage, making the game even more RNG, use Critical Control to lower the effect
-It is very hard to navigate through the map sometimes, I think I can go behind the trees here but I actually can't. http://puu.sh/oaLmK/87c897e82d.jpg http://puu.sh/oaLoX/2c8e9de143.jpg
-The combat so far is pretty much spam attack and heal out of combat.
-Is this hud really necessary? The combat is on the battle scene http://puu.sh/oaLqI/82b6ce54e7.jpg
-Time system that change the whole world huh? I hope you're not alone because this is VERY ambitious. Are you sure you can change seasons, week, months or you just copypasted Moghunter plugin?
-I was lost at Lakeshire and stopped there after I opened again options by mistake then the game crashed again and I couldn't save.

If you get the Save or Options crash bugs, all you have to do is Run the Game as an Administrator when you play it because Windows isn't letting you create the Save or Options File in Program Files because you don't have the rights.

It is a Windows issue, and the single most reported bug I get, but fortunately it is an easy fix. :)

Thanks! :) I always try this with other programs though:D

Anyways since the installer recommends "C:/program files" by default, you should try storing the user generated files like saves in the users own folder (C:/Users/name/documents). Most AAA games do this to avoid permission issues.:)
@Fisherolol - Thanks for the detailed input and suggestions, I'm always trying to improve the game, and you are the first person that has offered constructive criticism. I've tried to clarify a lot and explain some mechanics and design choices below. I've also made a note of your suggestions, some of which were actually already planned and others which I plan to implement. I don't take any comments personally, the game is in an Open Beta and I'm constantly trying to make it better so I want this kind of advice. Thanks again! Now then, prepare yourself for a wall of text.

Gonna put the first one in bold and add it to the Summary so hopefully anyone with the same issue notices it.

- First things first, the big one: All the saving, fullscreen, and options issues are Windows issues. The saving and options problems can be fixed by simply Right-Clicking and Run as Admin. Sometimes that fixes the fullscreen issue you're talking about, sometimes it doesn't. Windows...

Now then, as for everything else lol.

- The mouse plugin conflicts with other stuff as do the battle command and the formula Plugins. I use a ton of Plugins (over 125 Plugins to date) so I have to be really particular about which ones I use. I'm working on getting the Mouseover Plugin to work because I really want that functionality though, but I have no idea when or if I'll accomplish it, my code skills are good, but admittedly not the best. :(

- The Royal Seeker learns a couple different Taunt skills as you level that will be permanent skills while Filaris has a Taunt Rune that you can remove and move around as you see fit. So you can easily just move the Rune to your hero and give him an extra Taunt. The Hero's starting Runes however are determined by the choices that you select when answering the questions during character creation. I'll probably end up adding a Taunt Rune to the starter pack of Runes that Filaris gives you so that you can just give the Hero one and not have to move things around. Side Note: With a Royal Seeker hero you could theoretically have 3 tanks in your starting party if you attain multiple Taunt Runes, the Hero, Rellik, and Filaris. I had a playtester in the alpha run a party of 4 hybrid tanks; he said that fights took forever but nothing could kill him easily. XD

- You'll be happy to hear that I've already adjusted the Miss chances for the next segment as this was a common complaint from playtesters. :)

- The major difference in spells are the enemy's elemental weakness which can range anywhere from 25% to 200%. Also, if you place 2 Runes of the same element next to one another they will link and you will gain additional spells. Next patch will see a lot of the spells re-worked with different AoEs, bonus effects and things like that though too. :)

- Rellik cannot use any Magic or Healing Runes because he gets Enemy Skills and if he had all access to all of them he would have a ton of skills, he can equip Melee, Status, Tanking, Special, and Statistic Runes though. The skill that he uses to learn enemy skills is also a Scan effect, so it has multiple uses. There is also a character that learns Enemy Skills by being hit with them, but that character cannot learn the healing and buffing Enemy Skills. Rellik can learn those with his observation style of learning and teach them to the other character as illustrated by this video: RPG Maker MV Tutorial - Breath of Fire III's Examine

- Nice catch on the Cast Times, I will adjust it next patch! Currently I'm working out the idea with something like: Cast times coming down through your Spirit stat so that your casters will have faster cast times than your melee characters although your melee characters will still have access to the spells. This will also improve their cast times as you level too. :)

- Encounter Rate has continually been adjusted down, but the problem is in how RPGMaker MV handles the chances of a Random Battle occurring. I am looking for ways to fix this and I'd love any Plugin suggestions since you seem to know your way around the Plugin world. :D

- Later on there are ways to force critical hits and raise your critical chances a ton, it is a little RNG but it does get a lot better as you progress. Also in some of the later areas, you will get a couple characters with Bleed, Poison, and Burn effects that are potentially the highest boss damage dealers in the game so far and those are not very RNG, just a really high damage over time effect.

- The mapping issues on that particular map are the bane of my existence, I had to do a ton to break the area in half. Much of this is also because of the Jump mechanic that you have yet to unlock. After the first dungeon you gain the ability to Jump freely on the map. You get to the second party, unlock jump, and you'll see what I'm talking about, they can enter that map from the other side but cannot get to the side you start on. When you come back to the area in the next segment for an optional quest, the map will have changed and a lot of the issues are gone and you can actually get to the other side of that area.

- Combat gets more and more deep as you level and progress. Once you have a couple of skills that use Focus you'll want to rotate those in for great effect. In the first dungeon there are some larger groups that you'll need to use some strategic play to beat; Taunting, healing, etc. I wanted that first area to be easy since you don't have a dedicated healer yet and some players might be new to this type of game. I try to bring new mechanics in slowly so I don't overwhelm people.

- The HUD is really helpful later on when traps and floor damage effects come into play, but if you don't like it or feel like it in needed, you can turn it off completely (or partially) in the HUD Options selection in the Menu and the game will remember your selection and won't reinstate the HUD unless you tell it to.

- The Time System already effects the Shops, Residences, and any other buildings that should close up at night. The Inn can be used to advance time in various increments as well as heal you up and the cost is very low compared to most stuff. Additionally the Encounter Rate goes up a little bit at night and Mini-Boss monsters become more prevalent. Some events and side quests are set up to work based on the time of day, season, etc. Despite seeming so daunting and ambitious, if you set up the Time System switches and learn the Plugin Commands it is actually really easy to work with and creates super immersive gameplay, so I've used it a lot. :D

- Lost in Lakeshire? Check the two buildings in the Northeastern part of Lakeshire, once you get Harra from her house and finish the short sequence in the Town Hall, you will be able to enter the first dungeon through the Docks that are accessible via the road in the Northwest part of town.

- I hadn't heard that about Soulpour777, it is kind of disappointing. I'll make a note of it though and watch what Plugins I use from him. Thanks for the heads up.

One thing to keep in mind is that for the Friends and Family Alpha Test, I created a randomly repeating Endless Dungeon (that will be available in the late game as an optional thing) and the Alpha Testers tested the Battle Mechanics up to level 150. The way that we ironed out the balance was to have the monsters have a lot of HP but not have their damage scale too high compared to the player's and then use Skills, Runes, Gear, Item Upgrades etc to create a lot of high crit scenarios with big flashy damage numbers. At high end, you can have some characters with around 65-80% crit chances, some abilities to just force crits, and the boss and monster health is scaled around that kind of huge damage. So that is kind of the fun factor that is built into the balance of the game and I have been building on that. Additionally, in the next patch stats are changing drastically in that the primary stats will all contribute to multiple secondary stats, so it will be possible to actually cap your critical chance at high levels if you stack Insight. Stacking Insight doesn't boost your raw damage in any way though so you'll want to stack Strength, Agility, or Intellect for bigger base damage. But I digress, the whole point of all that is to say that the Battle Mechanics have been tested a lot and while they are by no means perfect, the mechanics do get more robust as you level.

I hope that I've explained / answered / adjusted / prepared to adjust everything clearly, thanks again for the advice, I hope you keep playing, and that I hear more from you in the future. Sorry for the wall of text, but I wanted to address everything.

Have a good one, and if you're gaming may all your loots be phat.

Yeah, I can understand where most of your design choices come with this, thanks for replying.

Damn, 120 plugins? Thats a lot, I don't think I'm using more than 60 on mine and I'm doing a lot of complex shit.

Only one thing you misunderstood about the spell casting of cure, l meant the animation time to heal is too long, you may want to shorten the animation time a bit for the normal skills.

I'm a fan of faster animations too which is possible to change the frame with Yanfly's battle engine.
Oh, that animation speed issue is already solved. XD

Just hold Shift in Battle, it is kind of like a Soft Fast Forward, it will speed up the ATB Speed, Battle Animations and Action Sequences but not the Command Selection or Skill Selection Menus so you can play super fast in the battles for people who play a lot of games like this and want to burn through some content. :)
The beginning cutscene has a lot of unnecessary turns? I dunno, the girl could have gone straight ahead but she chose to walk around the pole. She must really want to keep in formation I suppose.

The character creation was a bit laggy? Or maybe it's just me. There was a noticeable pause between the questions. I think it's likely to be the fault of the moving stars in the background slowing things down with their animation.

My answers to the questions:
Sandy coastline since the others are too harsh environments for me (desert and tundra) or possibly dangerous (shady woods). Hills and mountains are just too inconvenient to climb. The coastline has the perk of being able to fish from it.

Take a chance. I ain't killing, drawing straws, or sacrificing myself. Who is to say that the person who got the short end of the straw will just accept their fate? Sacrificing myself would be the goody-two shoes answer but let's face it, it ain't likely you're gonna be doing that for strangers. You can say you will when you're not actually in that situation but when it actually happens... Praying to god isn't too different from taking a chance. I suppose it depends on how religious you are. If you're not, you're basically hoping things turn out for the best either way. Trying to dig yourself out has its pros and cons. It does mean you're not just gonna sit there doing nothing and instead are taking fate into your hands. However, you digging some more might just end up worsening your situation and bury yourself deeper in your grave.

Save the little boy. Old lady has already lived her life, while mom, dad, and teenage girl would mourn everyone who died and possibly take their own life out of survival guilt. The boy wouldn't be affected as much, as cruel as that sounds. Obviously I wouldn't choose the murderer. XD

Negotiate. All the options are pretty unfavorable in my case. Attacking would just led to my own death, stalling will just delay the inevitable, refusing will get me put on their priority list, pleading never works according to fiction, and obviously I wouldn't want the death of my friend on my hands. Though really, the only I could negotiate would be me taking my friend's place.

I could have just gone straight to Lakeshire but when it comes to chests and other collectables in games, I essentially have to be a perfectionist. So I got attacked a lot while I was combing the maps for booty. After leveling up for the first time, I decided I would just flee the rest of the encounters. That plan quickly got thrown out the window since fleeing can either be fast or take so many tries that you're better off just killing the monster(s) to save time and effort. A bee got a lucky critical and dealt 300 damage to Rellik. I thought he was safe at 50% HP but apparently not. It wasn't really an issue since I was just at the outskirts of town by that point. Now I have Recall which will guarantee escape but has a hefty MP cost. It's better than nothing I guess.

When I saw that first cat from where you climb up the rope, I made it my mission to touch it. So I chased it around and that was when I got into my first monster encounter. So I taught that overgrown snake a lesson for rudely interrupting me. Then I cornered the cat. I chose Battle Mage for my class by the way. I figured my party members were likely to be warriors so there wasn't a need for me to be one as well. Filaris has Taunt to cover the tank role already and while safe, having another one would just dampen the fun if you take risks and danger out of the equation. Edgeward is an... odd default name though. Got Harra on my party so my uniqueness of being the sole mage is no longer true. At least I still have a Time Rune to one-up everyone. What does Filaris' Leap skill do? The description doesn't tell me anything I don't already know.

There was a Guard Captain to northeast section of that first area. It certainly pays to explore instead of just rushing through. It was at this moment that I realized... there's no quest log in the menu. It would certainly help to know what you're supposed to do in case you forget. This applies to both story and side-quests. That guy needed... 5 field bandages. Dunno if I should buy them from a shop or if it's possible for monsters to drop them.

Is there a way to not make the game full-screen? I like to write down my thoughts so that I don't forget so it's a bit of an inconvenience to have to hit the windows menu button on my keyboard or trigger sticky keys by hitting shift five times all just to be able to click away from the game.

Love the Skyrim reference the guy at Lakeshire docks makes. Took some money from the Baron's chest. Kleptomaniac heroes are always the best. XD

Filaris kind of irritated me when he told the Baron and Captain about my rune and Harra even said not to tell anyone about it just moments ago. Can't wait til I get new party members to play with. Pain is a weird name for a status that lowers max MP. How about Trauma (the psychological kind; not the physical) instead?

Oh, and cool avatar you have there. Reminds me of a comic where Ike (Fire Emblem) took his headband and wore it as a blindfold to fit in with the masked characters in Smash. Or was he trying to emulate Lucario. I can't remember. Well, expect another post from me once I get considerably farther in the game.
@HikiNeet Thanks for playing and thanks for the commentary. Dude, I was laughing so hard through that part about the cat. Everyone tries to catch it and that usually prompts some exploration of the area, so I've left it in. I'm thinking about making it a sidequest in town to bring it to a little kid or something just for you guys that chase it down right at the start like that. Now then, your turn for a wall of text. XD

After some playing around I discovered that in all RPG Maker MV Games, the F4 key toggles Fullscreen Mode. :)

I love hearing people's logic for the questions at the start because there isn't really a correct answer to any of them. They do determine some starting Runes, Stats, and Equipment though and that is the reason for the waits between the questions; there is stuff being processed in the background and I need some wait calls in there so things don't overlap.

The chick taking all those turns in the opening is some weird pathfinding thing that I haven't been able to iron out. She doesn't always take the same path and sometimes she goes out of her way to walk around things, it is really strange because the other two pretty much do what they are supposed to the whole time lol. My roommate and I joke that she has been drinking.

The Escape chances are going up in the next patch, that has been another common complaint.

I'd have to look (there are around 500 skills in-game so far and I can't remember all of them perfectly) but I think Trauma is actually one of the upgraded Linked versions of Pain. XD

As to the uniqueness of the Hero, his/her class skills are just better in some ways, maybe more direct is a better explanation. The Battle Wizard will get some crazy damage magic and the ability to convert Focus into Mana for essentially limitless casting. Harra gets a weaker Focus to Mana conversion and far less damage skills from her class, but she does get some really nasty debuffs that can enable you to shred bosses. She makes a nice anti-boss support Healer or Damage Dealer.

Just buy the Bandages, they can be farmed but it is easier to just buy them. ;)

I want to implement a Quest System, but I can't find one that isn't ultra tedious to implement...any suggestions?

If you like that Skyrim reference, keep your eyes peeled, there are several references to other games, anime, and movies hidden around. :)

Keen detective work, Filaris is indeed too trusting. That will be addressed later in the story. ;)

As to the large hits, a really easy way to compensate early on is to place two of the healing Runes (two of the same Rune) next to each other. This will give you another skill called Restore that is a huge heal that is super Mana effective at low levels. After the first boss you will swap to the second party which has a proper healer that has heals and barrier skills to make damage soaking way easier.

Thanks for the compliment on my Avatar, a friend of mine drew the character art and I colored it and added the background. It was a super fun project. :)

Thanks again for the post, I look forward to hearing more from you. :)

Have a good one and if you're gaming may all your loots be phat.

I tried the game and I have few Marks to throw in: while the story seems intriguing, the combat is really annoying actually. I dislike how even the smallest enemies hit a ton, healing skills charge way too long, generally enemies' levels adjusting to party's is an overkill, and camera zooming when using physical skills is also annoying. The skills also seem unbalanced in terms of damage; it looks like the story is more important than battle balance; that could be rectified with even a difficulty level plugin or something, I don't know. Also, you should put some cursor if possible: a tiny default Windows cursor get easily lost on the screen with RMMV's large tiles. Also, some story reminder would be nice, like you press a button or something and there's a popup saying what you should currently do story-wise; in the game like this, which seems to have a lot of side content, it's advised to have something like this.
@Noel_Kreiss Thanks for playing and thanks for your opinions! :D

First thing, if you don't like the zooming and battle camera movement, you can turn it off in the Options Menu. And animations can be sped up by holding Shift in battle. :)

Are you using someone to Tank? The game balance is built around a party of 4, a tank, a healer, and 2 dps. If you consolidate your damage onto one Tank character with a high defense, the damage will come down a lot. If you stack down some defense, utilize a Tank, and the damage is still too high, then let me know and I'll look at bringing it down. The enemies all have some default Status Effects that enable me to just bring all the monsters up or down at once, so it is an easy fix if it does end up being necessary.

Difficulty Level Plugin conflicts with the leveling enemies which are part of the difficulty balance. The way I currently have things set up, normal enemies scale indefinitely, while bosses scale to a point and stop. This enables you to determine your own difficulty, if you want a super challenging experience, then push for low level runs. If you want a more casual experience, then just over level the bosses and smash them.

I haven't found a way to change the default mouse cursor, I figured out how to change the destination marker when you click to move, just not the mouse cursor. If anyone has any suggestions for a Plugin to change the mouse cursor, please let me know! I'm right there with you on that one. :)

A Quest System or Hint System is coming, I just have to find one that isn't rough or super tedious to implement. :)

Thanks for playing and thanks again for your opinions!

Have a good one, and if you're gaming may all your loots be phat!

What does Filaris' Leap skill do? 'A leaping strike' doesn't tell you much.

Does Intercept Magic/Counterspell only stop a spell from being cast or does it affect any action? Eldritch Blast pierces wards. Does this mean it removes Shields? No wait, I think the Ward Rune gives you Block which is a buff that increases the damage reduction of Guarding.

Love how you have to read Illicit Literature to cure charm.

Just learned that the contents of chests (both item and map versions) have randomized items in it. So I save scummed until I got Remedy and Shield runes. Took a while since there's a lot of "junk" items in the pool. Either basic equipment I already have or things I can easily buy (heal/cure items).

Made it to temple expecting to have to go through a dungeon but I ain't complaining that there isn't one. Makes my life easier, especially since it seems movement speed is decreased at night or in dark places like the temple.

Headed to boss room and there I met:
My blonde evil twin! Has the same hairstyle but if you ask me... I'm way more handsome. So for a first boss, Throgg is nothing fancy. Give your Tank one or two HP runes. Rellik is better for this since his taunt also increases his max HP. Then have one character with Restore and maybe another with Mend (Heal over Time). The battle basically boils down to healing your tank. Throgg has a massive amount of HP which makes brute force an arduous effort. But if you have a Snake Rune or were able to teach Rellik either Venom or Venom Strike (which I did), then you can poison him which takes off 600 dmg per turn. You can also use the Sunder skills to drop his Endurance/Insight to increase your physical/magical attack dmg on him.

None of this actually matters though if you have Rellik with Incapacitate or Conk. The former is learned from that Tribal plant monster and the latter is from Throgg himself. Now about Concuss, which those skills inflict... it's broken. It doesn't wear off ever so you're stunned for the entire battle. I encountered a Tribal plant who got the first attack cause it was faster. It used Incapacitate which nailed my whole team and stunned everyone. Yeah... uhh no. A random encounter should not have a party-attack that can stun everyone so early in the game. Even putting one character out of commission is bad enough. I tried using Remedy on Filaris who got Conked but it didn't work. Long story short, I gave Throgg a taste of his own medicine which made the battle a joke since it doesn't wear off for monsters either (targets affected by concussion also have other statuses last forever such as poison, taunt, and regeneration). Although I learned that Venom and Venom Strike can stack? They both have their own status icon.

After that, we meet the Red-haired Guy who is actually the Orange-haired Guy. It's nice that we can play as a different cast of characters (though they share the first group's items/money...) who will have a different experience plot-wise. The guys get steel swords but the girl has the starting staff?
Momentum. Hmm. I get that you're trying to give his version a different name to make it unique but isn't that weaker than being able to affect time? Tiro doesn't have any Momentum skills like the Haste/Slow/Halt Strike of Alter Time though.

I feel like Shield might be too powerful? 50% dmg reduction is a lot. Same with the Elemental Shells, especially if you stack them both.

calavliery should be cavalierly (Tiro and Cajse's dialogue).
That stuff happening with Concuss is definitely a bug, nice catch, I'll fix that ASAP!

Filaris' Leap is basically a hard hit that runs off of a different damage formula that his weapon. Nothing Fancy, just some dmg to get rid of Focus.

Intercept Magic and Counterspell interrupt all actions and casting, both fully reset the enemy's ATB bar. :)

The skills that pierce wards ignore magical barriers and magical armor buffs. They don't damage them, they just go straight through them.

I'll look into Shield and the Elemental Resistances. :)

Thanks again!

Just stopped playing for beeing knocked out by incaptation (?) by a mix of alraune and coconut. The paralize effect didn't end - so GAME OVER.
Leaving the option menu crashed the game.
I know that the light effects at night are lagging my old graphic card - perhaps an option to cancel that effects would help with old PCs.
Or to change the INN options to morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night.
I will try further - but with this damn skill of this plant it will be nonsense.
I just found and fixed that Concuss bug, I will try to reupload the game with bug fixes later today.

The Concuss State was set to Action End which has had its default effect changed by a Plugin, so since you weren't able to act, it would never clear the state.

Thanks for the bug report!

I just found and fixed that Concuss bug, I will try to reupload the game with bug fixes later today.

The Concuss State was set to Action End which has had its default effect changed by a Plugin, so since you weren't able to act, it would never clear the state.


I was just checking if this had been fixed. I encountered the same problem, and wasn't sure if I had an older version of the game.
To bad, thats on Dropbox (Slow download 30kb/s - fails after 2hrs) =/
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