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Patch Notes v1.1.5


  • Black Powder now correctly does 200 damage on critical hits
  • Fixed a crash and other wacky behaviors that happened during tournaments, if you had previously failed the tournament but not yet reloaded the game
  • Rat Man will no longer crash the game when confused and fully charged
  • Obsessive Slither is now less obsessive (won't cause an infinite loop when up against taunt/cover)
  • Zombies now only revive other Zombies in tournament matches
  • The Sanctuary skill is now disabled in Challenge Battles that don't allow Invincible
  • Kyme can no longer walk through the walls of Bree Tree Ruins

  • Fixed an issue where the rocks in Lamia's Lair can get permanently stuck. Stuck rocks will now reset when leaving the central room
  • Rick has overcome his shyness and will now properly flirt with Rachelle, even after Kyme has already talked to her about the Grand Thief
  • Fixed a crash in the VP and General Store, caused by the first party member having an unused extra accessory slot earned through a passive skill
  • Fixed a crash when unequiping multiple Belt Pouches
  • Fixed an issue where the BGS volume setting didn't affect the sound of rain
  • Sever Artery now properly applies Bleed and extra ticks of Bleed damage when used during Counter

Patch Notes

Patch Notes