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(Warning: May contain spoilers)

Name: Skye
Age: 22
Gender: Male
- Skye is a very gentle young man, a kindred spirit who has a very understanding and calm nature. His friends are immediately comfortable being with him. which is why people easily adore him.. He is also being himself and is happy with it, though he can be quirky and funny at times.. but Skye is extremely smart and sees through people.. He started having bizarre dreams of voices whispering at him.

Name: Caven
Age: 22
Gender: Male
- Caven is a royal prince at house "Gemeid". Caven is a strong-willed and determined young man, but he is also calm and he always knows what he is doing though he can be blunt and straightforward at times, he has a protective nature, especially to his family, friends and their people. Caven trains to be a strong warrior through journeying alone... But life-changing revelations awaits this young man, especially when he starts crossing paths with Skye, for all these wound up between the two of them and their whole individuality.

Name: Gwir
Age: 38
Gender: Male
- Gwir is a massive dictatorial ruler from house "Xmeil".. And has currently succeeded in becoming the superpower among nations. Gwir is ruthless and cold, but some say he used to be a kind and loving man... whatever may have changed him, he now hunts people who have the "Celestial" bloodline within them, and wishes to perish them and all their blood.. even to the extend of burning down an entire city to make sure none of their kin ever lives anymore.