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Follow the tale of the Archangels as they fight to answer the prayers of a faithful child "David", who pleads to save the life of his bedridden sister, suffering from lung cancer.

Challenges await the Archangels, for, an imminent death is not going to be an easy enemy.

Will the child's faith and prayers take them far into the purgatory to save his dying sister's life?

Wander and battle your way into different kinds of dimensions found within the purgatory and challenge death itself as you try to change the fate of a dying youth.

Faith in Feathers is a short 1 hour to 1 and 30 minutes long RMXP game. I'm very happy to be able to complete and share this short game within a week and I had so much fun making it!! xDD

Short Notice:
You can use the fountain at Heaven to fully recover your party! :)


- Fully features music from the very beautiful "RMN Music Pack"!
- Addicting and Fun Fast-paced RTAB battle system with an enjoyable camera-work!
- A fun-filled short that allows you to explore many different dimensions, each having their own unique challenges, monsters and bosses to overcome!
- Extremely fun and powerful characters to play as!
- Mind stimulating battles to enjoy and strategize!
- Dynamic and Challenging boss fights!
- It is short, fun and simple!

Latest Blog

Download now available! ~ my 3rd RPG maker project! :D

This is officially my 3rd game in RPG makng!! And I'm very happy to be able to complete it within a week's time, I just thought I'd leave a short completed game to the RPG making community before I go on a hiatus for my classes and thesis work!! ^_^ Thank you God for all these fun possibilities and for all the people and their beautiful works involved in making this game possible! I sure hope that you all enjoy this game as I did making it!! :)


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Hey man, posting to say that I am playing the game and I am enjoying it.
Though it has a few faults, I like its concept and its pretty impressive that you managed to make it in just a week. I will play it thoroughly once I finish releasing the next update for my game. ^^
Hello Rishi!! Thanks so much for checking out and playing the game!! I hope you enjoy the rest of your playthrough with the game and goodluck with your game's update!! xDD :D would love to hear from it soon, too! xD
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
I still have yet to pick up Blue Skies (sorry about that!) but this looks fun and it's also funny because I've been working on a small XP game while I work on my main project and taking a little break atm.

I'll add it to the growing list of games I wanna play :D
Hi InfectionFiles! Omg!! please, do not trouble yourself!! xDD Wow, that is indeed nice that you're also working on a small XP game! would love to hear of it soon! xDD

Thanks so much for checking out InfectionFiles and I sure hope you enjoy! xDD
need a three digit code for the door .
i also need the three digit code for the door
Hi norman and reedemer! I'm very sorry I haven't been online for a very long time, been busy with school. xDD

Anyway, for the code, it's 847. :) Enjoy!
I cannot get pass the first boss fight with metatron.
I can only kill one of them before i get game over.
there is no item for use at all.
Hi acet! You can actually grind for items and money freely during the first level. You can fight and go back to Heaven over and over again to heal at the fountain then proceed to buy items with farmed gold (Energy Bank). Though I suggest not to grind so much as it takes away the short thrilling experience the gameplay is supposed to offer. ^_^

My advice for the first boss is to focus both Michael and Metatron's most powerful skills on the Megaterrestrial until it dies. Then proceed to shower the Ancient Mastermind with all of your damage and bam! it should be done before you even know it. ;)

Why focus the Megaterrestrial first? Because it is the nuisance that keeps on poisoning your party, which makes it easier for the Ancient Mastermind to compliment that and nuke you down. :)
I completed the game
- i admit i cheat the energy bank because am too lazy too grind for it
- RATB was very fast it can get confuse at time my character always die in confusion(when animation boom boom all over the scene) but it was also fun
- Overall it was fun ,good game.
Hi acet! WOw thank you so much for playing the game and I'm very glad that you enjoyed it! ^_^ Yeah, I do apologize if the RTAB can be quite confusing at times xD

Also, I didn't know you could cheat for energy banks? xDD But wow, I really am glad that you've finished it! ^_^
Finished the game just now.
The story is very interesting.
Congratulations for your work on the game and the creative idea.
Thanks so much once again Maston! Im happy you're playing my games and enjoying them so far <3
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