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-Do you love me or the idea of loving me?-

This is a story of a young researcher who, despite working at a laboratory for the study of oceanic cryptids, has never seen anything of the sort. When they help bring in a mermaid, the beauty and mystery of the creature instantly captivates them. The two struggle with their feelings and soon a big choice has to be made.


Caught by a Lure is a short Visual Novel created Racheal and I in a month for the 2016 ILUjam. As such, it's a game centered around romance, though I make fair warning that it's not the happiest of romances. The line at the start of the summary was the theme I wished to explore with it. The game features four different endings, each more cheerful then the last.

The game is COMPLETE, however we're going to hold off a tiny bit before releasing a version for RMN. There were a few things we had to cut and rush in order to make the deadline (backgrounds again, also the other PoV we wanted to tell the story from), so we'd rather present a more finished feeling release here. (though if you are interested in playing, it's up on itch.io)

I know this may be a bit of a different spin on the romantic theme for the jam, but I hope people enjoy it. And if you do play the currently uploaded version, feel free to let us know your thoughts and any typoes.

Thanks for playing! <3

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You're magical to me.
Hooray! :D I've been waiting for this gamepage to be up! :D
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