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Ruby + Gosu game library


In year 2XXX, there is a rumor of a super computer called 'The Babel' that can grant you any wish if you get to its deepest core. You take a role of one of the most intelligent hackers with yourown hacking tool called "DotPLUS" that turn any security system into just a simple series of mathematics. However, breaking into the core of The Babel will be more difficult that you could imagine.

How deep could you go? Will you be able to get into the core of The Babel?

Left Mouse - Decide/Select Block
Right Mouse - Cancel/ Restart Block Selection
Mouse wheel up - Temporary fasten the blocks speed/Start the explosion

Latest Blog

dotPlus v. 1.5 Released

I've made changes to the game and release it so that I can get feedbacks on it. I'm also planing on porting this to Flash or maybe Game Maker so that it will be possible to play this game on the web, which I believe would be much more suitable.

This version also features two original soundtrack from Brandon Abley. Thanks buddy! :D

Any suggestion or advice are appreciate since I'm still new to flash or browser-based game programming in general. :)

Happy gaming!
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  • hima
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  • 01/02/2009 01:36 AM
  • 06/18/2024 09:05 AM
  • 10/11/2009
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Mediafire? Seriously? Come on man, just upload it to RMN.
And your game has been played! Thanks man. I got to level 91 and my score was 42242900. Not sure if that's good or not, but meh. Very solid game, and I was very impressed that you built this from scratch. I think the only glitch I found was that it skipped from level 8 to 10, 18 to 20, etc. So any level ending in 9, didn't exist :P. I wish the difficulty level increased quicker though because it seemed pretty easy, as whenever the blocks got to the top I just took that time to click on all the extra 0's hehe. Again, great game man.
Mmmm... after replaying it the levels ending with 9 showed up. Maybe it was my imagination. Who knows, it looked like it jumped from the 8 to 10 a few times though.
Thank you for your comment Natook! Hmmm I really need to add a replay mode so that I can watch how people get to level 90+. I have a hard time getting passed lv. 45 myself :'(

As for the level issue, you can advance more than one levels, depending on your performance. Say, if you raise the blocks to the top and made like 40 chains at the beginning, it's possible to jump from level 0 to 10 in one chain :)
This game was a lot of fun. I got to 116 with 67954300 after playing for what was probably well over an hour, at which point I think my brain gave up. It's a really well-made game all around!

My only complaint is that the later levels are too easy. All you have to do is click a bunch of the blocks that are at the top of the screen, then click a bunch of 9s until the difference is less than 9, then click a block (or a few blocks) that sums it to the correct total. Then if you want to clear out some more, just do that again and again. There are a lot of 9s so it really shouldn't be a challenge until the sums get way up there and you have trouble physically clicking on enough of the numbers. If you wanted to be really evil and screw with people, you could replace some of the many 9s that show up in the later levels with 7s and 8s.

Other than that, this was a neat concept and a lot of fun. Do you have any plans to add other game modes or anything or do you think that would detract from its awesomeness? Thank you for making this!
I just have to ask, what program or language is this made in?
And I thought I wrote that already X< The game is made from ruby + gosu game library. You can check it out here : http://libgosu.org/

The library is pretty cool and easy to use. Since it used OpenGL so 3D effect is possible.:D
And thank you for playing! I just check level 100+ for the issue you informed and I do see the problem. Still need to work on the formula to generate blocks and target sum that's suitable to the level X( Well, I made this game in 4 days and one full day was spent on rewriting the engine because I had some problem with alpha blending with the library I was planning to use ( StarRuby )

I actually didn't intend for people to reach level 100 though....haha since I could only get up to level 45 so I thought maybe 50 should be the last level. Seems like I've been proven wrong because there are like almost ten people that could go up to level 90+ now X(
Sorry I seemed to miss your last paragraph. Yes, I'm planning on adding a story/mission mode and a multiplication mode. Also I'm thinking about adding some special blocks like a zero blocks that won't go away unless you include it in the 2nd and above chain.
Sorry hima I tried reviewing it but it seems not good enough :'(
I can't wait for the new version :3
Hima, do you need any music for this <3
Wait, what do you mean? Your review isn't good enough? In any case, posting it here as a comment would be fine by me :)

I sure need a music or two...but I'm going to make a commercial version of this game X( Are you still interested? If so,please PM me :D
Protip: Open "display.cfg" and change the value to "1" to play in fullscreen.

<3 <3 <3
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