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It was to be a non-linear RPG in which you could choose to be good or evil . I also customized everything, from messages (this was partially done), to the battle system, the menu, and even movement. It has a working CBS that might be a bit buggy. Oh, and tapping shift, then pushing the arrow keys let you run until you stop moving. (Different from holding key or toggling run.)

The game is cancelled, but... the plot was to involve a man who was in a duel. They would be opposites: one bad and one good. However, which one was which is ambiguous. The main character is killed in the duel, and revived with his karma slate wiped clean: having neither good deeds nor bad deeds. Being reborn, the player could rechoose his actions and thus end up as good or evil again by the end of the game.

The downloads include a version with just the CBS. (Feel free to steal the CBS, if you can figure it out.) And v0.5, which has more content from the game itself.

Anyways, my favorite part of this game is its soundtrack, which is the Cave Story remixes. This game also ended up inspiring Malad's Chasing Suns... (He oughta put that on RMN.)

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Nice BS. Now i check game with it.
well well i do agree with the guy above me.
S-Special Project....I'll never forget you...
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