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An old demo of a game I did way back when. Canceled due to losing all progress to a drive crash. Re-Releasing to let people play before I release my other projects.


Armaranth and Doria - two countries occupying the same continent - have just signed a peace treaty after 10 years of war. However, a celestial event, and the appearance of several mysterious figures threaten to reignite the flames of war.


Seiron - A young mercenary returning to his home continent in search of riches. But encounters the unexpected.

Airionne - A mysterious girl who seems to possess a great power wanted by many. She has no recollection of her past.

Marcellus - The youngest professor of the Mainsail History Center. He helps Airionne and Seiron on their quest.

Valentin - A vain young man who becomes Doria's ruler in the wake of his father's death.

Cecil - Advisor to Valentin. He is also a Pscionist with a connection to Airionne.

Alexa - A fellow Pscionist trying to stop Cecil, but for her own reasons.

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RMN sex symbol
I remember this game from back in the day. Too bad it was canceled.
Devil's in the details
Man, I remember this game, too. What are you working on these days?
I'm surprised, I didn't expect anyone to remember this. To answer your question, Rei, I'm working on two projects - my main project, which is a spiritual sequel to Eternal Star. And a side project about a group of pirates during the Age of Exploration. I'll probably make a topic about my main project soon, since I've made a lot of progress in the past few months.
Cancelled eh? I loved this game :D. My only gripe I remember was the walk speed.
This was a pretty decent game back in the day. Glad to see that SOME people aren't dead.
GOD this game brings back memories... Frankly, the way you gave skills that levelled up instead of bombarding the player with thousands of skills changed the way I implemented skills FOREVER..! :-)
Man, I loved this game years ago. I would've loved to see it completed. One of the most underrated RPG Maker demos imo
You should consider continuing production on this when you have time after your other projects plz plz plz
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