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Mirabilia, formed through power of creatures. Humans are the most superior of creations who learnt the importance of sustaining life. By discovering steelworks and elements, they formed a legion that would help maintain order, the Paladins.
As mankind developed and grew, they soon uncovered sacred gems of the world, this included the discovery of the holy water. When drinking from the spring, their offspring became born with marks which granted them powers beyond belief.
However, the kingdom saw magic users as threat. Regardless of the morals which laid in their heart, the Paladins lived in conformity, eliminating those born with the mark.
The survivors of this culling fled to the north and developed their own civilisation known as the Omen. Over time, war and chaos enraged across the land...

Episode 1 Story
This a completely new story from the first game! You play as two characters, one begins as a soldier in a fantasy world where you fight in the most horrifying and darkest battles, only to find yourself making diverse actions to your mission. After that, you're positioned in a modern world where you play the second character, forced to escape from undisclosed henchmen pursuing you and your lover after a perfect date.
Lost in Fantasy 2: Episode 1 delivers non-stop action and pulse-pounding excitement at every turn! This is your chance to experience a stunning adventure which will take you into another world.

Do Not Miss Out!


  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Modern, Dark, Comedy

  • Duration: Can last between 45 minutes to 1 hour

  • Inspirations: Movies, Holy Bible & Philosophy

  • Platform: PC

This Game Will Leave You Wanting More!


  • Very clear progression guidance (Easy to follow)

  • Strong emphasis on character development (With contexts)

  • Powerful well-thought cutscenes (Supported with great sound effects)

  • Beautiful atmosphere (Can give you goosebumps)

  • Enormous detailed fantasy and modern maps (Free to explore/no boxed mapping)

  • Use the environments to your advantage (Avoid fights this way)

  • Temporary allies can join your party (They can help win battles)

  • Matured dialogues (No childish writings)

  • Fantastic retro city style maps (Complete with civilians and vehicles)

  • Stunning original artworks (Collect 10 inspiring digital arts)

  • Epic uplifting background music (All songs used are free to download)

  • Voice acted monologue intro (Deep voice for the win)

Absolutely Worth Playing!


Music Artists
  • Kevin Mc Leod

  • David Fesliyan

  • Soleil

  • Adam Kearns

You Will Love It!


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