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Episode 1 Story
This a completely new story from the first game! You play as two characters, one begins as a soldier in a fantasy world where you fight in the most horrifying and darkest battles, only to find yourself making diverse actions to your mission. After that, you're positioned in a modern world where you play the second character, forced to escape from undisclosed henchmen pursuing you and your lover after a perfect date.
Lost in Fantasy 2: Episode 1 delivers non-stop action and pulse-pounding excitement at every turn! This is your chance to experience a stunning adventure which will take you into another world.

Do Not Miss Out!


  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Modern

  • Duration: 1 hour

  • Platform: PC

  • Inspiration: Movies, Holy Bible & Philosophy

This Game Will Leave You Wanting More!


  • Very clear progression guidance (Easy to follow)

  • Strong emphasis on character development (With contexts)

  • Powerful well-thought cutscenes (Supported with great sound effects)

  • Beautiful atmosphere (Can give you goosebumps)

  • Enormous detailed fantasy and modern maps (Free to explore/no boxed mapping)

  • Use the environments to your advantage (Avoid fights this way)

  • Temporary allies can join your party (They can help win battles)

  • Matured dialogues (No childish writings)

  • Fantastic retro city style maps (Complete with civilians and vehicles)

  • Stunning original artworks (Collect 10 inspiring digital arts)

  • Epic uplifting background music (All songs used are free to download)

  • Voice acted monologue intro (Deep voice for the win)

Absolutely Worth Playing!


Music Artists
  • Kevin Mc Leod

  • David Fesliyan

  • Soleil

  • Adam Kearns

You Will Love It!


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Latest Blog

Lost in Fantasy 2 | Update August 10

Hi RPG Makers, I have updated the game, here are the changes:
  • Fixed animation rate

  • Fixed mapping bug

  • Two free thumbnails in the download package


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