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Game Design

A Complete guide for Making Games for Beginners

This how to make a game guide will teach you the necessary steps to get into game development. It is for those individuals and small groups who desire to get into game development. We will go through the basics concepts such as creating the very first draft around your game idea. We will discuss things to look out for when you are choosing a game engine. Starting the development process and then finally publishing it.

Read the complete by clicking on the following link:
How to Make a Game Guide


Take a leap of faith

Hi Everyone,

Project Pi is launched and available for Download!

I hope that you will enjoy the game as well as the story.
"Sometimes you have have to take a leap of faith"

Hungry for Feedback!

Orbit 93

Download Link:


Final Announcement Before Release!

Hello everyone,

I will apologize in advance for my bad English.

This is my very first game, I have been working on this game for over a year now. The game is complete just putting in final touches and working on reducing the package distribution size.

I know this game is not graphically impressive. But I do know a lot of hard work, time and effort was put in to develop this game. A lot in the game has changed and improved since the release of game testing demo.

I hope that you will appreciate the effort and enjoy the game.

The game is set to be released on Friday, 2nd September.


Those whose have not watched the Launch Trailer:

Progress Report

Dialogue Check near Completion

Going through hundred's of dialogues. removed many spelling mistakes.
Waiting for the feedback of Game Testing Demo ....

If you have not tried it yet, Download Now!


Game Testing Demo - Available Now

Game Testing Demo - Available Now
-Need to test game performance on low grade PC.
-Also want feedback on game play.

The game package will include:
-All features unlocked.
-No story content or cut-scenes.
-1 of the 5 playable islands in the game.

(The game testers will be mentioned in credits and in return if you need my help with your game, I'll try my very best to help you.)

Download Link


Launch Date - Project Pi

Windows version of the Project Pi is in final stages. Currently working on editing in-game script and game packaging. Launch Date will be announced over the span of 3 DAYS. Starting from 8-15-2016.

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