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A very solid piece of work.

  • Aurabolt
  • 03/30/2009 10:54 PM
Gamers of the RPG Maker systems generally work with the battle systems in terms of their abilities and combat, but not exactly with switching on such a degree as Verified Rasta has done here. A demo of two screens with a small tutorial and a small upgrade system, it is very liberating to throw fireballs and have knives stab trick-or-treating children. Right now, it is a solid means to relieve stress which was given a lot of thought.

However, as a chance to improve this system comes and the game to get more development, changes have to be made and inevitably expanded on. The first thing I feel needs work is hit detection; My mage was turned the other way move than once on Follow Mode, and I still managed to strike the partner in the face, which only took more time. I don't mind the Friendly Fire-Hell, I enjoy it because I have to think on the fly- but at least make sure the characters know that. Also, this world has potential in terms of collectables, items, minigames, story development that was not thought as through as other demos. I realize that was because of the amount of work that was put into the project to begin with due to a Halloween project, but even if this setting and idea aren't used, this battle system has great potential.


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Thanks for the tips and thanks for the review. When I start working on this game once again, I plan to blow you way!
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