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GASP.. FREE review copies here!

"There's no such thing as a free key.. or is there?"
Come with me on a journey into free keys.

What's up RMN, I am hoping to drum up some feedback and reviews (good or ill) from around the place and figured this would be a good place to start!

I have three free keys to Magic Wand, the spectacular block game haunting Europe, and will be sending em to essentially the first three people to ask. This is done on the honor system as they say. We all count on you and I believe you can do it. But for basic reasons I would have to specify that this only applies to persons who've written at least one review on this site already ;/

Anyway if you have written a review here and feel like playing this videogame (and have at least an open mind towards the possibility of writing some thoughts about it afterwards) just post a reply to this blog saying you want to!

I wish you well :)
"You will never discover it - the secret of free keys!"
"My god... Will we ever get out of these free keys... alive?"
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