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We're out of early access!

Hi folks! So, I've got some good and bad news.

The good news is that the project is still alive and it's about 60-70% done. I've been implementing some neat features that will hopefully make the game feel less of a walking sim and more like the mystery adventure game I've always wanted it to be. Oh, and custom menus. Custom everything would be nice. The less RPG Maker it looks, the better in my book.

The bad news is development is still going to be very slow due to real-life commitments and personal projects piling up like there's no tomorrow. It's unlikely that I'll be able to publish the actual demo before the end of this year, though rest assured the project won't be canceled any time soon. I would probably hate myself intensely if this game doesn't end up on Steam one day.

Starting from now, all available pre-alpha builds at Gamejolt, RMN, and itch.io will be removed due to their obsolescence. If you're curious about the game's development, you can reach me on my Discord server. Please, refrain from DM'ing me unless you'd like to privately test the game.

I'd like to thank everyone who reviewed, streamed, and recorded the pre-alpha over these past few years. Your feedback has pushed me to keep improving and add to the experience in ways that now almost feel like an entirely different project. Your input has been invaluable and for that, I am humbled.

Stay tuned