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Ruggamsh - The Great Maggot

Welcome to a new weekend update! Before we dive into today's topic we wanted to mention that you've all helped us to reach one new Social Media Bonus Goal! Because of this there will be a new recruitable War General in Legrand Legacy - we'll expand on this topic at a later date.

For today’s Kickstarter post we wanted to tackle one of the game’s deadly enemies: the Ruggamash!

You will find Ruggamsh in Rahas Desert - they are easy to spot due to their gigantic size. Although some people tame this type of maggot to use it for transportation, wild Ruggamsh are a creature you don’t want to meet during your adventure.

In another time, the great Ruggamsh used to feed on the carcasses of ancient giants. Now that the giants are gone, they mostly eat smaller monsters such as Flurdiaanums and Kojvanaas… as well as dehydrated travelers.

If you meet a Ruggamsh in the wild, make sure you fight bravely because it can smell your fear!

Do you know anyone who might fancy a ride on the Ruggamsh? Are you brave enough to fight a wild Ruggamsh? Let us below: an update in the comments what you think of today’s Kickstarter.