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Polixiuhs: Directors Cut; Collector's Edition

Alright, this is a final release unless there are other glaring problems.
Didn't find any bugs, I did a bit of cleanup with dialogs and some missing animations.

The download link has been updated.

Have fun and Happy Halloween!


Download up

I'll mark as complete, but this is not as tested as I which I did.
So I'll update the download tomorrow with bugfixes, in the meantime, let me know if you find any bugs or problems.

I know for a fact it is possible to finish the game and collect everything without cheating and I've fixed every bug I came across or that I could foresee, there shouldn't be anything game breaking.

(If you're ever stuck in an event or in the tileset you can always use the escape option, shitty I know but you lose nothing and can keep playing.)

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