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Landy Land is a game about, well, Landy Land, the main character. The reckless daughter of famous hero Randall "Randy" Land, Landyssa "Landy" Land spends most of her days terrorizing the countryside under the guise of being a hero. One day, while visiting her friend Mandy, she discovers that her brother Dandy has once again let loose a bunch of evil monsters on Mandy's hometown. Unwilling to let this aggression stand, Landy coerces--er, convinces Mandy to join her on a quest to defeat her evil brother Dandy. And so begins a quest that will probably lead to nothing much really, what do you expect from a game that lasts about two hours max.


Landyssa "Landy" Land

A brash, impetuous lass, Landy lives in a secluded house by a forest because, in the words of the townsfolk, "nobody can afford the insurance needed to live next to her." She enjoys playing at being the hero, and highly admires her dad, Randy, who defeated a demon many years ago.
Likes: Battle magazines, CYOA books, checking out every single little thing
Dislikes: Being told what to do, cleaning up after her own messes, her brother Dandy
Blood type: hotblooded

Mandy Madison

Landy's best friend by default, as she's practically the only person who can stand her. Their fathers used to be friends back in their army days, so Landy and Mandy were close as children. Mandy later joined the army herself as a combat medic, where she learned a lot about the land's ancient history. A family emergency called her back to her hometown, Fuppinshire, and she's stayed there ever since. She grumbles a lot about Landy's antics, but lets her get away with most of it. In other words, she's a classic enabler.
Likes: Landy (mostly), reading, history, being helpful
Dislikes: Landy's habit of checking out every single little thing, cleaning up after Landy's messes, Landy herself (sometimes)
Blood type: Ironically enough for a medic, she keeps forgetting her blood type

Sandy Seltani(?)

Don't tick off this teen witch! A girl from a troubled home, Sandy retreated into a world of fantasy and heroism; after all, why be an lonely kid when you can be an almighty sorceress? (She's, uh, still working on the almighty part.) After consuming an unbelievable amount of comics, cartoons, and video games, she decided to travel the world in search of adventure. (Her family still thinks she's living at the Bellinghouse Boarding School.) Her attempts to act mature fall flat for Landy, but Mandy appreciates her for how she can keep Landy off her game. Her real last name is unknown; "Seltani" is just the name of a MUD Sandy really likes.
Likes: Dark and eldritch magicks, using words like "eldritch" and spelling "magick" with a K, the multimedia franchise Powerful Witch Byuni-Byuni
Dislikes: Being dismissed as "just a kid", people who make fun of Powerful Witch Byuni-Byuni, her aunt, her old school
Bloodtype: Sandy can't decide whether she'd prefer to have magical color-changing blood or to never have to bleed at all.

(More to come??)

My goal is to either finish the game by Friday this weekend, or at least get a demo with the first dungeon (of two) out. If I can't finish it, then I'll put this by the wayside while I work on my Halloween Event game. Then, once I finish that, I'll go back to work on this. Target completion date: sometime in November, maybe? Depending on how long the Halloween game takes. See you then!

Latest Blog

Full game released!

Yeah, after like, what, a week longer than it was supposed to take?

Anyway, full game's been released! You can find it in the download section. I hope you guys enjoy it! After this I'm taking a short break, then starting work on my Halloween Horror game. If you come across any bugs or issues, let me know! I probably won't get around to minor stuff right now, but anything that keeps the game from running I'll take a look at. Be seeing you!
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  • 10/12/2016 03:10 AM
  • 11/09/2018 01:09 PM
  • 10/21/2016
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I hope Landy got some candy on her. Best names ever.
Got any Dexreth amulets?
I hope Landy got some candy on her.

Yeah, I bet that might come in handy.

I'm sorry.
I was looking for RPG maker 2000 games to play and found yours. Lighthearted and funny, just what I was looking for. Nice game!
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