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Fleshchild is Cancelled

I posted this update on tumblr, here it is for this site as well:

Hello everyone! This announcement may not be what everyone wants to hear, but I am formally cancelling Fleshchild and TLG’s Remake.

I just don’t feel the passion for these games like I did before, and it’s disingenuous to myself to keep forcing myself to work on them. I don’t enjoy working on them, I get stressed and upset thinking about them, and I don’t have fun with them like I did before. I feel trapped by them, because whenever I want to make new content, they linger over me even though I know I may never finish them.

So, these games are officially cancelled.

Thank you for reading this announcement! I have so many fun ideas and fresh ideas for games that I’m eager to spend my time on now that I’ve finally laid these projects to rest!


I've opened a Patreon!

Hello everyone! Thank you for checking this out and sorry if you may perhaps get some double-notifications.

I've opened a Patreon for anyone wishing to support my work in that manner. I'm offering some pretty snazzy rewards that I hope to improve even more, so please check it out!

One thing that's for certain though is that Fleshchild and all of my other games will always be free, so please don't fret about that. c:

Progress Report

Welcome to Fleshchild v0.02 2016! Background info + Bug List

Hello everyone!

Fleshchild is one of my older games that I've been working on for a few years now. It started as a yume nikki fangame, and quickly turned into its own independent game. This game is released in versions like most yume nikki fangames are, and currently it's at v0.02 as of 2015. I decided to list it as episodic, because the game is divided into 6 "nights" and I tend to release updates per "night". So, clearly the game is UNFINISHED, but I like to let people play it as it develops!

Because it's older, it's not as streamlined as Huntress or Jasei, so it probably suffers from bugs and slowdowns! v0.02, the one linked here, is the most recent bugfixed version, but I'm sure there's still tons of errors everywhere! So please let me know if there's a bug so I can add it to the list!

Here is the bug list form for all versions up to now:

If there are any errors to report, please let me know! If it's very urgent, you can contact me on my tumblr blog Ask/Submit. Bugs that will be fixed in the next version will be bolded and italicized. Fixes are underlined.

Reported Bugs So Far VERSION 0.02:
None yet!
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