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Pacman / Super Mario on Rm2k3

"Path of Justice" by Mitsuhide The Vagrant:

This won't be a lengthy review, so let me get right to it.

Apparently the Tower of Darkness appeared in the land and has thrown it into a state of chaos and violence. The tower can only be entered by someone who has collected an enormous amount of power gems. So a hero must rise and collect the power gems and face the owner of the Tower of Darkness.

It's cliche, but most games like this are, right? There is no character development and little to no dialogue, but this game wasn't meant for that, so I won't include that in the review.

The title screen made me want to shut the game down immediately! It looks... (no offence Mitsuhide) It looks damn ugly D: The only words that can be made out are the game's title "Path of Justice", the other words are illegible

Other than the title screen, everything else looked well done. I'm not really a fan of standard RTP, but Path of Justice used it well. The world map was nicely done and the stages were as well. There were a good variety of monsters / enemies that really fit in well with their stages.

Path of Justice used pictures quite nicely as well. The HUD consisted of a nice little Zelda-Like-Heart-Container life indicator, Red Dots to show how many lives you had remaining and what world you were currently on. I don't know if the Final boss was a picture or a bunch of characters, but It looked awesome :)

Gameplay / Coding:
The pacman like system was coded quite well. The monsters got increasingly harder (Which is expected), moving faster and getting on your nerves more often. The boss fights were pretty amazing, as was the traditional Three-Hit-Win :)
What made the coding seem kind of "Noobish" was the fact that every time you collect a power gem, instead of them disappearing they are seen to the left of the map before vanishing :U

Another issue i want to mention is getting trapped -_-"
When two enemies are near you and you get hit by one, the 2nd one is going to hit you no matter what direction you move in, in my opinion that's not cool. You should have some invulnerability after getting hit, for at least a second or two to avoid getting "Raped" after doing so good the entire stage, don't you think?

Admittedly, the gameplay was fun and addicting, but more frustrating at times, especially in the higher levels.

What I did not like was the fact that there was NO Menu screen what-so-ever! I understand this is not an RPG and therefore didn't really need a menu screen, but a little "Show Choice" command that asked wheter you wanted to quit or not would have been fine.
(I also understand that you put out a fixed version that includes a way to quit, but that should have been addressed before you released the demo)

Forgot to mention:
Another "Noobish", well i wouldn't say noobish, It's a common mistake that must be avoided, but anyway There were many save files in the zip. One of the saved files made me go directly to the final boss :S

Sound / Music:
Almost every track used in this game had me humming the tune while playing. Lots of familiar songs were used in Path of Justice including music from Mario, Super Smash Bros., Final Fantasy, and probably more. If the game's music was bad I don't think I would have passed the first boss. Games like this need to have music that will keep the player entertained, otherwise the difficulty will overwhelm him / her, but the music in this game calmed me down a lot at some points :I

Sounds. I think the only non-RTP sounds were the "Ready" voice and the power gems. As I said before I'm not a fan of RTP and I think Mitsuhide could have downloaded a lot more interesting sounds to be used in this game. (You hear wind when getting hit by monsters and when a textbox opens up -_-")

Overall: 3/5
Overall I give Path of Justice a 3/5
It's a fun game and I recommend everyone to try it out, but if your a very angry person I wouldn't recommend it :P because It had be swearing a whole lot.