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Ritova's Mansion: ̶e̶n̶j̶o̶y̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶s̶t̶a̶y̶ survive!

Good day! Are you ready for a scary story?
Yes, it's time for horror again! KevinCalanor is the author of this Escape from Ritova's Mansion, a RPG Maker VX Ace adventure made by Kevincalanor and realized in 2016.

The plot isn't original AT ALL: after making a pleasant walk in the woods, four girls are surprised by a storm and decide to reach a nearby mansion and find shelter, since it's getting dark and the woods aren't the safest place to stay (andits and monsters comes out during the night!). The place looks deserted, but like many other rpgmaker games showed us, it's not like this and the place isn't safe! Time to regroup and run away... if this will be possible!

Evil maid is so scaryyyy! Decision time, and so little time to choose!

Escape from Ritova's Mansion is a short horror adventure that won't take you more of one hour to complete, even if you want to see all the (three) endings. The game is all about exploration and decision making, there is no combat, because it's simple: if you try to fight, you die! But this was predictable when you play as a little girl in a place full of dangerous psychopaths! It's a bit less predictable that a girl isn't much impressed by a dead body and simply keep exploring the place instead of running away... but ok!
Besides the exploration and the decisions there are some stealth sequences, that like the decisions parts are timed. The difficulty is reasonable, but pay attendion because the insta-death is just around the corner!

Visually the game uses mainly RTPs (mixed with some Celianna's resources) with portraits by Yu, but in any case they fit the game, they match the various charsets, and look pretty good. Despite the use of the usual resources that we've seen a thousand times, the result is pretty good, mapping is well done in most parts, the locations are gloomy and light and darkness are used to create an unsettling atmosphere.

Ok, forget the bad maid, she was not the scariest thing here!

Final Verdict
Escape from Ritova's Mansion, despite the clichè plot is a pretty good game and quite fun to play. Short and direct to the point, has no complex puzzles, annoying chase sections or tedious combat encounters, so I think it's not really your average rpgmaker horror game. I cannot say this is really an exciting new experience either, anyway it entertains and provides some interesting moments. The story is simple but not bad and the dialogue are well written despite english being not the developer's native language.
Overall a short but solid experience, recommended if you like classic rpgmaker short horror games!