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DEMO RELEASE! (Let's get festive!)


First of all, we'd like to thank everyone who has watched over this project/supported it. All the lovely comments that we received really helped us to work harder on Spiritome!

The length of the game is rather short , lasting 15 - 20 mins depending on the player, and it's dialogue heavy, but I think the demo serves as a suitable prologue for the game. We'll be taking a short Christmas break , but don’t think that after that it’ll be dead silence! We’ll try to update as frequently as we can, and we’re considering setting up a blog for this game shortly after for more frequent updates :) We don’t know the exact release date for the full game but we’ll try to get it out as soon as possible.

We'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on the demo : what did you like, and what did you dislike? Which bit was your favourite, and which bit was the worst! Post your thoughts below!

Anyways, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Important Notice: This game uses a custom font. You can find it inside the setup folder. If you cannot find it, here is a direct link: boop! :)

- Aracade and Mocoon

Progress Report

UPDATE 1 - On the path to a demo!

Hello, Aracade here! I've finished with writing for the first act, and I am currently working on the next! Puzzle concepts within the game have been completed. We've finalized and completed all of the concept art, with an exception to some enemy designs in later acts. We'd like to apologize for our silence as we're currently in exam season, but I can assure you that at one point or another a demo will be out and ready for you to enjoy. I'll pass it on to Mocoon (^-^)

- Aracade

We've been working hard on implementing the main story into Spiritome, which we currently wish to keep ambiguous to the public. However, we recently took the time to fill maps with more information to enhance the exploration experience and add a couple of minor features, like CGs.

New content, yay!

Here are some of the non-spoiler features:

To-do-list and Settings Menu

The To-do list is to guide and remind the player what the new requirements are to progress the game (similar to a Quest Log). Whenever it changes, the player will be alerted. Depending on the type of player, this could be either helpful or annoying, so we've given the option to disable alerts in the menu.

New NPC!

It's a creepy bird in a suit! The village was looking rather empty, so we added an additional ... friend?

See you in the next update!

- Mocoon
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