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ACAK v 1.0 by Kanata
('acak' means random, originally it's in Indonesian)
*note: This english version may have grammar problems, so if you want to, you can help by listing any grammar errors you found and message me. Thanks for reading this^^


In this game, pretend that this is your real life, and right now you've stopped playing games in the real world... what's going to happen?
However... never forget that every game has their own 'reset' button.
And, that's what makes this game's easy.

This is a story of a player whose game died and they return to the real world, and got nothing to do.

Their life and death? You started the game, so it's in your hands.

This game contains:
- Unique types of graphics (see screenshots)
- Short gameplay
- SINGLE ending
- Suidice
- Murder scene
- Blood
- Loud sounds
- Jumpscare
- Unique capabilities...

This is not a horror game.

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Hello, it's me again!
I want to download this game but it is written 'The link you're trying to access has expired.'
please fix the DL. thanks a lot!
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