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- Gameplay -

Karma Flow 2 - Steel Skin will be a significant improvement over the first game and it will be much closer to the game's original concept.
I will talk about the core of the game, the same one the first title had.

Karma Flow 2 is an Open-Stealth game with a lot of freedom. You can decide how to handle the mission, is all up to you, the player. Mostly is all about killing targets. You have this target that needs to be eliminated and you can decide when, how and where to do it. There's a day and night cycle, and the target has a schedule you can try to understand in order to catch him off guard, ambush him and then murder him.

There's one big handicap, though: the Karma.
This Karma is a strange phenomenon who punishes whoever kills someone. You lose one Karma Point, the game's life points, if you kill someone directly.

You have to do indirect kills in order to avoid being detected by the Karma.
Car accidents, ricocheting bullets, placing land mines... you have to orchestrate a murder that will seem like an accident in order to kill someone without being punished.

All of this will affect your overall score, as there will be both an offline and an online ranking system like the first game.

This time, though, in Karma Flow 2, missions will have much more variety. Is not always about killing target, but also about stealing information\stealing certain documents or project\rescue important characters and more.
The game will also feature many more kill methods and a variety of new equipments that Flo and Steph can purchase.

Karma Flow 2 will feature a second playable character, Stephanie "Sneaky Girl" Jaycoski.

Her gameplay will differ from Flo's. They will somehow complement each other.

For example, let's say we have a mission when Flo has to kill a certain someone. The player can send Steph on Extra Missions first in order to destroy enemy's supplies or steal certain objects that will help Flo with her main task.

That's what are the Extra Missions. Each Main Mission will feature a certain number of Extra Missions that, if executed well, will make things much easier in that specific Main Mission.

It may also be the other way around. Steph might have a Main task to perform, and player can send Flo to kill certain people in order to help Stephanie.

Steph is not an assassin, so she can't kill anyone, but she's a pro when it comes to sneaking ad "becoming invisible". She's useful when patrolling certain areas.

More details will come later on.

Beside Main Missions and Extra Missions, there will also be Side Missions. In the first Karma Flow, side missions could be found and carried on inside specific Main Missions. This time, they can be found in the Free-Roaming portion of the game, by talking with specific NPCs or things like that and they will be missions of their own.

The Free-roaming portion will also contain a lot of NPCs and collectibles that will help shaping up the game's lore. This time, I want to store some of the lore and interaction between characters in "optional portions" of the game, in order to avoid too many lenghty cutscenes.