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Difficult Battle System, but addictive gameplay

My friend and I were playing this game a ton the past few days and we really enjoy our time with it. The combat can feel pretty sluggish at times, but it runs well none the less most of the time. Combat can be boiled down to trial and error at first. You gotta know the best way to take out an enemy before they deal too much damage. However, the combat isnt the focus in this horror styled rpg. Instead, its purely about your UNIQUE experience throughout the game, exploring the deep caverns and such. The monsters and loot are all randomized so you wont always get certain items in the same places as you did before. Some items might feel like they're hiding from you, but it really is the luck of the draw. Or I would say that, but the luck is decided by a coin. A coin that is flipped, you call it, and if you call it correctly, you have a chance at getting an incredible item. I did a video review of the game, I'll link it below, if youd like to check it out. Understand this is only ONE experience. More awaits you as you play.