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Long ago, in an unknown distant land, a book was written, a book that contained many secrets. That anyone, in any part of the globe, planet or galaxy can read, luring people into it's stories of other lives in other places. It can never be said when and where this book will end, it can take anyone into a whole world of possibilities, and one of them, is the key to the neverending story Just remember, that Curiosity killed the Cat... ‚Äč

A digital adaptation of ThePCGamer's children's book 'The Book of Paradoxia Whispers'

A brand new indie game from the creators of 'Where's my Mom?'
A singleplayer story driven visual novel game
Listen to fantastic music by Greg Atkinson
For Mac Users, you can play the game also!
For the first time, Android users can play the game also!

Download the game from:

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