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More people should play this; any game that can get me to give more than 3/5 is probably worth playing...

Since the graphics and sounds are generally functional, and since the level design is so damn good, there is absolutely nothing present that detracts from the fun, platforming action laid out here.

-Fallen Griever, in his review of INSIDE


What is this place?

On a night that should have been just like any other...Jack Remin wakes up in an empty room with no explanation or reconciliation of the past few minutes. The only discernable objects are the dark door ahead. As he begins to explore he discovers that there's no easy way to survive this strange world he's found himself in as he's bombarded with seemingly lethal traps and hideous, faceless beasts. Meanwhile, employees of a Video Game Development Company known as 'Excel Games' are just going off duty when they discover that one of their employees is trapped inside an experimental VR video game. With Excel doing all that they can to free their trapped employee, and the military suddenly taking the building by storm, something more than an equipment malfunction is happening and the only person who knows is Jack, who seems to be suffering from a bit of amnesia...

Things will happen quickly from here on out...

Features include...
-Addictive and simple game play.
-A 3-difficulty choice
-An option of whether or not to view the cut-scenes (for those who play games for the sake of the game)
-Custom Environment Graphics


Latest Blog

Inside 2

I think I'm gonna get started on this soon. For those who haven't played the first, check it out.
  • Completed
  • Relyt
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Action
  • 02/12/2009 09:30 PM
  • 04/24/2012 09:35 AM
  • 03/15/2009
  • 35250
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Well, INSIDE is finally finished! Enjoy!
WARNING, there were some slight bugs I discovered in v1.5. I'm going to post a fixed version soon.
Alright, final version posted. Enjoy.
Sorry 'bout that. The download was just recently approved. It's up now.
Where's the screenshots? That might be why there's only been five downloads of this game.
Before, I had a demo, with 5 JPG screens. JPGS did what JPGS do and blurred them up, so I deleted them and reposted PNGs. They should be up soon.
I Played the game for only a few minutes, I got past the first 'boss' but the problem was mainly the annoying lights that kept flicking colors every few seconds it bugged me so much to the extent that I couldn't concentrate on the levels much.
I can understand why you'd say that, and as I'm such a nice guy, I've posted a new download of the game without the flashing, for those with sore eyes. You could even (just a theory) copy your save file from one folder to the other if you're not enjoying the flash. It was supposed to be done as an ambience thing, but I get why it's annoying.
Thank you, I understand you wanted to make it an ambience thing but it might be better if you made the version with the flashing thing happen a bit less often anyone playing th game with that many light switchings at a time might risk an aneurism.
hey problum. the download says theres no veachile file when i run it.
I'm not sure why that's happening to you. It's worked fine with everyone else.
When I try to start the game, a window tells me that Harmony.dll is missing. Any solutions? Re-uploads? Pasting the .dll from another game doesn't work for obvious reasons. (;
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