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Astaroshe and Sebastian are Whale Worshipers living in the dystopian city of LoomLoom.
One night they both dream about being inside THE GREAT WHALE OF TIME. Their shared dream suddenly perishes after meeting with a fellow whaleshiper nearby.
Who was the mysterious man? Are they the chosen ones? Will there be Pizza?

(( This game is just silly, so if you're after a stupid and mindless experience, you're in the right place. I was bored of bug fixing my main game and made this one just to relax, so no special content here. ))


- Developed in 2 days.
- Embark on this whimsical journey with 15 maps.
- No random encounters.
- A priest named Sista.
- More time spent in the character generator than on eventing.
- 3 quests.
- No use of external plugins.
- Stupid story brimming with stupidity.
- Some puns and 4th wall breaking.
- Severe lack of punctuation.
- You play as the villain sometimes.
- Lasts for about 45 minutes.
- Awesome graphics full in RTP.
- No pizza.

Some of the incredibly well-written characters you'll find in Mission Whaled.

Featuring high-quality realistic Brother love.

The Puppenmacher might make you some Gothic Dolls.

The mystery remains.


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I LOVE THIS. You had me by pizza!
And there's some random German terms too, yay!
I LOVE THIS. You had me by pizza!
And there's some random German terms too, yay!

Yay, first comment! Thank you, I hope you enjoy playing it, apart from the spelling errors and lacks of punctuation everywhere. :>
I must say I'm a fan of german terms~
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