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In narrative RPG Selling Sunlight, you're a masked merchant traveling in a fantasy world that doesn't move anymore.
One side of the planet boils, costantly facing the sun; the other is a frozen desert. The only habitable zone is a thin line of perpetual dawn, an orangish place full of fire spirits, wailing sun-priests, withering plant people, spiders and bees.
If you want to make a profit, you'll have to wander. Discover new wonders and cultures, make friends, bargain goods and swap tall tales with other travelers.
In this world that stands still, where will you run from your past?

Who are you? A sinner, that's for sure. But what about the person behind the mask?
Where you once a librarian with golden hair as shiny as the Sun you adored? A black-skinned matriarch, believing only in the power of Science? Or did you came from stranger lands, and prayed to even stranger gods?
Tell me everything about your reckless life choices. Will you continue to defy the Sun now, or will you try to regain Its favour?

Explore the Line of Dawn, home of seven cities and countless wonders.
Dance under the giant mirrors of the Red Temple, eat fishes that are also books in the Cyan port; or visit the Violet Army, living in giant carcasses of frozen war-beasts.
Plan your journey carefully, balance the load of your cart, and beware: sudden encounters and discoveries can always interrupt your journey.

During your journey you'll meet nomads, musicians, botanists, scholars, missionaries and many others - each one with their own agenda.
Barter goods and news with fellow travelers, and journey together to fight loneliness. Keep in touch with letters, and celebrate every new encounter with a drink.
Not having a face is not an excuse for being antisocial.

You know what's the good part about having a mask? Lying comes off a lot more easily.
Scrutinize other merchants and change your attitude accordingly. Offer goods, precious information, or brazenly seduce your opponent to obtain a nice discount. Import and export goods from far regions to maximize your profits.

Latest Blog

Devlog #3: oh, the places you'll go!

Devlog #8: oh, the places you'll go!

Chiara, our background artist, has finished painting the world map.
It's almost taller than her.

We're not joking.

In Selling Sunlight you're not an adventurer, but a merchant: exploration is not focused on discovering new places, but on deepening your knowledge of the routes you spend your life traversing.

Final result. Look at the cute cart Lucy made for us!

Some of the random events that happens while you travel are about discovering new locations, like a lake, a cave full of crystals or a small village. By putting a mark on the map, you will be able to revisit that place, slowly filling your usual travel routes with interesting spots only you know about.

Scanning the word map was also a good occasion to finish a dreadful task we’ve been putting off for too long: post-processing all the other backgrounds.
All our backgrounds are drawn on individual pieces of paper, so transforming them into actual maps you can walk on requires a fair bit of Photoshop wizardry.
First we make the collision maps, which are pictures that tell our engine where the characters can walk. To make one, we simply need to paint all the impassable areas red.

You shall not pass on the red stuff.

Then we cut all the elements you can walk behind, like columns, tables etc. and save them in a separate level.
By mixing those three layers together (base layer, collision map, overlay level) we get a playable map you can explore.

Last but not least, a small news: we'll be showing our game during the Milan Games Week this September! If you're in Italy, come say hi!
We're also in process to applying for other conventions like EGX and AdventureX. Fingers crossed!
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  • 03/15/2017 02:40 PM
  • 07/18/2017 03:30 PM
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Fantastic art design here! The painterly quality to your maps and characters is deeply refreshing.
This is an awesome project and I wish you best luck.
Love the handcrafted parallaxes. Had to follow this game!
Woaaah so pretty! I'm loving the art style! Gotta keep my eyes open for this one :O
This is so inspiring. So the world is in a sun-synchronous orbit(?).
This is so inspiring. So the world is in a sun-synchronous orbit(?).
Yes! I believe the correct term is "tidal locking". The world of the game costantly faces its Sun, in the same way our Moon faces our Earth.
It wasn't always like this, though. The planet was a normal one, until it started gradually slowing down.
Maybe a wizard did it.
I'm a robot. I have feelings too.

Looking at just the images of you game I have to wonder why you're using RPG Maker to make this game. What aspects of that engine are going into making this? Ren'Py might be a better choice for creating a visual novel.
Looking at just the images of you game I have to wonder why you're using RPG Maker to make this game. What aspects of that engine are going into making this? Ren'Py might be a better choice for creating a visual novel.
We're not making a visual novel!
The game will be dialogue-heavy, but like every rpg ever you'll be able to walk around the maps. It also features a word map you can travel with your cart, bartering-minigames, items management...
We looked at Ren'Py and it's a nice tool, but Rpgmaker perfectly suits our needs ^^
Soooo, you're selling the physical frames when the games is complete and famous, right? :)
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
This is just too much beautiful
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