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You play as a girl who has amnesia and wakes up in a room with a strange man named Allen. Your objective is to well, just do what you think is right in this situation. Do you try to help or hurt? Do you listen or resist? The story is in your hands. Their lives are in your hands.

A short light hearted game. It works a lot like a choose your own adventure book except its a game and uh really short (Ha-ha). Some things about the game is there are some misspelled words (Well there not exactly misspelled. More like the wrong world in the wrong place. Ha-ha). Also this game has multiple endings depending on how you treat Allen and so on. There are 9 endings in all. So I uh, hope you enjoy this small game. Have fun! =)

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  • Completed
  • roguecanoe
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Visual Novel
  • 04/29/2017 01:28 AM
  • 05/13/2017 05:29 PM
  • 04/28/2017
  • 2093
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OK! I just figured out how to put the game in downloads!!! XD
So I uh hope you guys like it, it's just a tiny game I made.
Please give me feedback if you like it or not or if there is a glitch
or something. Please Enjoy!!! =)
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