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Demo coming in May 2017

For most of his life, Joseph Arling has been studying the ancient civilization of the Krystalin people. Fascinated with their culture, he published many books on the subject, and became world renowned as the leading expert in all manners of antiquities. Joseph put together an excavation team in hopes to unearth the ruins of a long forgotten temple he believed was protecting the fabled relics of Krystal.

However, Joseph finds himself trapped inside the temple, and with the help of an unlikely ally, must venture through to make it out alive.
He will have to use his cunning to complete puzzles, obtain ancient powers, fight dangerous enemies, and uncover the dark history behind the fall of the greatest civilization known to man.


- A fully evented turn based battle system with various battle add-ons.
- A rich story with dynamic characters.
- Gorgeus handcrafted artwork made by the talented Jason Perry.
- Many challenging puzzles to complete!
- A fully evented crafting system!
- Captivating lore to collect and discover!
- Hidden artifacts that reward the player for finding them!
- And much more!

This lore is pulled straight from the game, and will be updated as time goes on.
For those who are eager to learn more, feel free to read - or, wait until you uncover these pieces of lore in the temple for yourself!

Strange Statues
I remember when Hayden carved the first of these statues for King Lionel - he chiseled them in his son's likeness, a strong warrior for the Kingdom of Krystal. The King requested that dozens of these be made to help aid in the protection and conservation of the Krystalin Temple. But as of late, strange things have been happening. I know that what I'm about to say is impossible, but I can't help but feel that the statues are...alive.

I first noticed something strange on my routine patrol around the northwest chamber. One of the statues that once rested on the pedestal...was gone. I couldn't believe it at first, but I know what I saw. Later that evening as I was leaving the temple, I felt as if I was being watched. I turned around quickly, and there it was. The statue peered at me with dark lifeless eyes, and fled deep into the temple. Oh Hayden...what have you done?

Amelia's Letters
Day 1
We have just arrived at the temple, and it is truly a magnificent sight!
My team and I can’t wait to get started on our dig, and hopefully we’ll be able to uncover clues that will help us find the mythical artifacts that sleep here.
This is going go be the greatest find of my life!

Day 2
Our second day on site, and we’ve already uncovered something incredible – it looks to be an ancient tablet with writings of the Krystalin people etched into it. Now, I’m no expert on ancient languages, so this might take a while to decipher – but at least we know we’re close to finding more answers!

Day 5
The strangest thing happened last night – my husband said that I was sleepwalking, and ventured off past the camp. He had to chase me down and said I gave him quite a fright when I woke up. Something like this has never happened – I guess it’s just my minds way of telling me that I need to take a step back here. I’m excited by all of our findings, but it’s not like the temple is going anywhere. Maybe I should take things a little slower.

Day 7
I woke up in the temple, and I have no idea how I got here. The last thing I remember is falling asleep in my tent…I’ve tried to open the door, screamed for help, but nothing seems to be working. It looks like my only chance of making it out is find another exit. I only have a couple of food rations on me – I hope it will be enough.

Day 9
There is something very sinister in this temple – I can feel strange vibrations from underneath my feet, as if something is sliding beneath me. With the sounds of crumbling rocks and shifting sand, I’ve also started to hear growling all around me. I don’t want to die in this place.

Day 10
Adam, my love. If you’re reading this, I want you to know that I love-

Jason Perry for his incredible tiles and custom resources.
HexMozart88 for her wonderful music clips.
Kadokawa, Enterbrain, and Degica.
Tor Damien Design
JStewart Music
You, for taking the time to read my thread!

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This looks neato-burrito~ Looking forward to checking it out when it's released. Good luck!
Neat! I'll keep an eye on this ;)
Looks cool, love your title logo.
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