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The Endless Empty Sequel (A Chamber of Stars)

A Chamber of Stars

I have spent the last year working on a sequel to The Endless Empty. This sequel project is titled A Chamber of Stars.

A free demo available on Steam (Link) and Itch (Link).

A Chamber of Stars has many changes compared to The Endless Empty. First I've moved game engines from RPGmaker to Unity allowing more freedom in animations and environments. The sequel will focus more the on the adventure, puzzle and choice aspects of the series. Finally the game will add new rhythm game elements to progress big moments in the game's story.



I opened a zazzle storefront now for The Endless Empty merch. Lots of designs I did to look at including shirts, posters, stickers and pins.


All the kickback I get as a designer is being donated to the Trevor Project



Charity Stream Today

The Endless Empty will be featured in an upcoming charity stream on extra life today. Steam key giveaways and a stream of the game will happen sometime after 2pm (pacific time zone). I will be in the chat at that time if you want to say hello or ask me anything.


All donations to the stream will go to the Benioff Children’s Hospital.


The Endless Empty now on Steam!?

After some issues the Endless Empty is now on Steam. check it out here



The Endless Empty update


The download file for the Endless Empty has been updated. This update includes many small fixes including dialogue changes, typo fixes, icon changes and some small balancing fixes. None of the fixes are game changing and the previous version should still run fine. Contact me on facebook or twitter; I am open for any comments, critiques, fanarts, reviews or to answer any technical issues you may have. Thanks and enjoy :)




The Endless Empty out Oct 15th


I’ve set an official release date for my game, October 15th. The game will be released here for download as well as on itch.io.
I am setting up a pay-what-you-want pricing on itch.io for the game with all the money being donated to The Trevor Project.

I have also completed the process for uploading The Endless Empty to Steam.
The page is now public with the game available for purchase November 3rd. Same process all sales from Steam will be donated to The Trevor Project.

Finally I am releasing the original soundtrack for The Endless Empty for download at the same time as the game (Oct 15th). https://sugarysweetmachines.bandcamp.com/album/the-endless-empty-ost

Enjoy the release trailer below.

Progress Report

Almost finished!

Hello everyone.

I have some good news, all five chapters of the Endless Empty have been completed. All playtesting is done and the game is ready for download. You can find the complete game here, on itch.io now and on Steam November 3rd. Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy the final product.




Progress Report

Updates/Charity Pledge/Chapter 4

Hello everyone, thank you for sticking around as I piece together this project. It has been a passion project of mine for awhile and I am excited about the attention it has received.

I wanted to let everyone know a few updates as I get close to the completion of this game.

-First chapter 4 has been finished and is currently being sent out to my play testers. This leaves only one chapter left.

-I'm planning on releasing this game for free but with a pay-what-you-want feature.

-All profits made this way will go to the Trevor project, a charity focusing on mental health and suicide prevention particularly for LGBTQ youth (https://www.thetrevorproject.org/)

-Not 100% yet but the full game will be released on Itch.io and possibly Steam.

Thanks again for reading, if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please message me here, on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SugarySweetMachines/) or twitter(@ErikSheader)


A Progress Report

I haven't been the best at keeping this page updated, but I would like everyone to known that the game is still progressing nicely. At this moment I have finished another chapter (chapter 3 see above image) that has been handed of to be play tested and fixed. In addition I have started to work on the assets, art and music for chapter 4 (see below image). Finally during this long streach of silence I have been working on making the combat more interesting and more intertwined with the other elements of the game. If you have any questions, comments or concerns leave them here or message me on facebook and I will reply as soon as I see it. Thanks



Demo now available!

A demo of our game is now available under the download tab at the top of the page. The demo includes the first two chapters of the game. It explores many of the game's main features including the story's main themes, the battle system, puzzles, exploration, choice making and a taste of the game's bizarre art styles. Much of the demo is subject to change but should give a good idea of the direction of the game. For my play testers this is the same demo I sent out before with a few minor tweaks. If you want to send any feedback, please put it here or direct message me at our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SugarySweetMachines/

To play, download the file, unzip the file and double click on game.exe. There is currently no native version for mac users but using Wine to run the .exe file has shown no errors so far. Message me if you have any issues running the game.


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