RPG Maker VX Ace

Cycles the party with one button press (or script call)

Update v1.1: Fixed a bug I forgot to take out (and only recently discovered)...

This script allows one to quickly change the order of the party with just one script call.

As an example, say we have this party: {"Alex", "Bard", "Lea", "Go"};
Calling the script will change the party's order to: {"Bard", "Lea", "Go", "Alex"};

And that's pretty much it. Useful for, you know, doing stuff.


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I was digging around recently, and found this script in my "repository". I tried it on my project, and only then did I realise that I made a mistake: I forgot to take out a bug that caused the script to not work. So, I went ahead and updated the script.

Sorry about that :(

ps. If you're going to ask why the bug was there in the first place: it's err... let's just say it's an old habit of mine.
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