The New Earth

was/ is there actually any 'hentai' files or is that just another joke part of the game?


Thank you, I understand you wanted to make it an ambience thing but it might be better if you made the version with the flashing thing happen a bit less often anyone playing th game with that many light switchings at a time might risk an aneurism.


I Played the game for only a few minutes, I got past the first 'boss' but the problem was mainly the annoying lights that kept flicking colors every few seconds it bugged me so much to the extent that I couldn't concentrate on the levels much.

Ranma 1/2 RPG DX

I remember playing the one for snes it was not only fun but funny!

Final Fantasy V-II: Sacred Chains

Okay just so your not clear a Traditional Rpg is turn based, action isn't,

Emerald Seed

I agree with singlestud23 this looks interesting.

Lost Legacy: An Animania Story

okay thank you!

Lost Legacy: An Animania Story

I'm stuck at the part after they get out of the arena, what in the cottage do I need to look at to get to mt quaf?

Lost Legacy: An Animania Story

I like the game so far.
voice acting rocks but it's hard to hear what they say sometimes.

Path of Justice

I haven't finished the game yet so I feel a review would be unfair at this point but so far it has proven to be an awesome game, although with the voice acting in battle it's kind of hard to hear what they are saying sometimes.