Hetalia Unawakened

This game is very well done and kinda emotional. I really love it <3
P/s: You are USUK shipper?

I think yes.
Credo proprio di sì.

Hetalia Unawakened

Anyway, I like the game, well done!

P.S.: "Uno" means "One" in Spanish and in Italian, too.


Che angoscia...

Hetalia Unawakened

Ne Ne Papa!
I've got a question: why everyone say papa and don't papà?

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Use google translate. In two seconds I figured out it means "I love it".


People can use their native language for commenting on stuff as long as they don't do whole conversations with it. I did just get through telling you that by PM. Geez.
Ok, sorry.
Anyway, the translation is correct, I said "I love it"

Pocket Mirror Classic (2016)

Mica: Apoptosis

I love this game!

Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect

Anyway, the correct translation is: "Mafiosi, le loro cose" ("cosa" is singular "a think")

Hetalia Unawakened

Really good! Please keep on the development

Seven Mysteries

It's really creepy! Comunque, è stupendo!
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