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Liver Land Halloween
​Spooky festivities have begun, and it's your job to provide the sweets!




Boy, do I love a good bestiary!

Yep, I had a lot of fun making descriptions of the various monsters.

Revolting Kingdom

Subbed and downloading! :D

Thanks! :)


I love this!

Thank you! This area in particular took me a while to get right.

Revolting Kingdom

went i play the game.
some thing pop up saying.
unable to find file audio/SE/PrepSound2.

Oh, man. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix it right away.

Liver Land

Seems unique. Will definitely give it a try!


Revolting Kingdom

Perhaps tell me where to find the switch for the 3rd door. That is where I am stuck now.

As you enter the area, walk 3 spaces down, go 4 spaces right, and press space.

Revolting Kingdom

Thanks for giving the game a try. Sorry about the issues.

I wonder if there are many others who are having the same progression issues. I'll definitely make some changes for better convenience, if that's the case.

Shape Conquest Review

Thanks for the review, and sorry about the bad demo. I was way too impulsive when it came to releasing something playable to the public, and it made a bad first impression. I'll be sure to shape up and release a proper demo next time.

Ill Horizon

Interesting game so far. Is there an inn or recovery spring or are the very few HP restoring items my only way to bring back health?

Right now there aren't any resting areas, but I will add them in my next update. I guess I shouldn't make the game too challenging right at the start.
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