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Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings

This artwork has succeeded in gaining my interest! I'll have to give this game a try.
Sweet! Let me know what you think when you get around to trying the game! We worked hard on it and I plan on coming back to development at a later date to make improvements. Only had so much time during the IGMC after all so I had to make a lot of changes. But I'm always looking for feedback. The game itself can be quite the challenge.

I've enjoyed the game so far! The visuals were effective, and the audio (Is it custom-made as well?) was nice to listen to. It is indeed hard, but that's what I liked; it made me choose my actions carefully, and I wanted to work hard to turn the merchant into a proper hero. It felt so satisfying to make noticeable progress in terms of strength. I will admit, however, that despite the autosaving, I tended to close out of the game whenever I lost a battle, and that happened more times than I could count, to be honest... (Maybe you can punish my kind of behavior by having the game autosave right when a battle starts)

My first playthrough was unfortunately cut short; I closed the game in Coastridge (probably when an autosave was going on), and I lost the file! I fully intend on playing more, though. The story and characters have kept my interest, so I want to see all of the endings. Great job!

Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings

This artwork has succeeded in gaining my interest! I'll have to give this game a try.

Thank you

I thought it was an interesting and new experience. The gameplay was straightforward, and the upgrade system kept me revisiting locations (which was good). My favorite location so far is Orneon Prime, simply because of its creatures and dangerous feel.

Ill Horizon

random thoughts

graphics are pretty cool! especially the water!

if cant use save in menu should to find a way to remove it.

those O?????? enemies are brutal! :D

just sad theres no full heal spot anywhere :(

this was a surprisingly interesting game. i am hoping for a dark ending because anything else would be just plain lame.
i got a good laugh at the "humans will fix the world" when they are the biggest problem XD
would be pretty cool to see this one finished. just don't draw it out too long so it actually has a chance of being finished. making a game is time consuming as it is but adding custom work? if you don't got a team keep it really short!

Thanks for the quick feedback! Fun fact: this isn't even my first RPG Maker Game; I've tried making at least five others, but I've (temporarily?) given up on them. Since this game has its own page now, I'll be more inclined to have it completed.

Warped Horizon Demo

I've now posted the download link. If there are any problems with downloading and/or playing, then please notify me.

I will also welcome feedback of any kind; I'd like to know what you guys think about the gameplay, the graphics, the music/sound effects, difficulty, dialogue, etc.

The Great Empty

I've played several of your games, and they've not only impressed me with their art styles and atmospheric charms, but they've also helped provide inspiration to me and possibly countless others. Needless to say, I'm quite eager to have a go at this game.
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